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Recent Submissions

Kostka, Ondřej
Hrubá stavba (skříň) železničního vozu ComplexTrans

The bachelor thesis includes the design and calculations using the finite element method of a specific rail car ComplexTrans, which transports not only ordinary passengers, but also passengers with their e-cars (so-called coupe cars) or freight transport modules or parcel boxes with goo...

Burian, Matouš
Montážní lis 30t

The bachelor's thesis includes the design of the assembly press up to 30t. In the theoretical part, it was done first by splitting the presses and researching the subject, followed by market research. The practical part includes an analytical design of the frame and its&#x...

Kuba, Evžen
Návrh konzoly sedadla

The bachelor's thesis discusses the structural design of the side suspension bracket of the rail set seats, the solution of the overhang reinforcement using computer simulation and the calculation of static and dynamic loads using the NX program.

Schubertová, Tereza
Asistenční pomůcka pro tělesně znevýhodněné osoby

The subject of the diploma thesis is the structural design of an assistive device for physically challenged persons, which performs an auxiliary function when standing up from a sitting position and sitting down from a standing position. The aid was designed based on the kinem...

Rozsypal, Jan
Návrh středového pohonu elektrokola

This diploma thesis is a design of drive for electric mountain bike with emphasis on calculation of each variant of drive and selection of most appropriate variant concerning dimensions, weight and efficiency. Some of the drives were calculated analitically, some&#x...