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Veszprémi, Lukáš
Návrh a realizace digitálního stínu v Plant Simulation pro existující HW model

The work is aimed at creating a model that will be linked to the real model and serve as a digital shadow. The simulation will then be used to try to analyse the data, which will first be collected through long-term simulations. The main benefit is to save ...

Vagnerová, Jana
Zlepšení environmentální stopy

The diploma thesis contains the most common methods of determining the environmental footprint of a product and organization, including general possibilities for improvement, i.e. reducing the impact of the or-ganization's activities on the environment in practice, followed by a practical exa...

Pavlíček, Jan
Možnosti navigace po skladu pomocí rozšířené reality

The thesis contains an analysis of the issue of navigation with augmented reality elements and the possibility of its implementation in the warehouse. The aim of the thesis was to create a prototype of an application that would navigate users with augmented reality�...

Koubovská, Michaela
Modelování a zlepšení procesů ve společnosti

This thesis focuses on the improvement and optimization of production in business processes. The introductory part of the thesis deals with the identification of bottlenecks in processes that reduce the efficiency and productivity of the company's operations. The theoretical part of the&...

Vondrášek, Michal
Implementace a rozvoj aplikace Virtuální dílna do nového kontextu

The diploma thesis includes the creation of the "Workshop" application. The application is developed for virtual reality technology. It belongs to the category of serious games and aims to show the player through practical interaction the metalworking process of making a shaft ...