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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comparative study on the performance profile of under-17 and under-19 handball players trained in the sports school systemGabryś, Tomasz; Stanula, Arkadiusz; Gubta, Subir; Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula; Benešová, Daniela; Wicha, Łukasz; Baron, Jakub
2019Development of motion prerequisites of physically active and inactive younger school-age pupilsBenešová, Daniela; Švátora, Karel
2019Development of somatic characteristics among younger school-age children with respect to their physical activitiesBenešová, Daniela; Valach, Petr
2019Difference between Czech boys and girls in implementing the recommendations for physical activity, sleep time, and screen timeValach, Petr; Jakubec, Lukáš; Benešová, Daniela; Švátora, Karel; Čechura, Petr; Frömel, Karel
2014The effect of the quality of stereopsis to coordination abilities in children at the age of 6-11Salcman, Václav; Benešová, Daniela; Valach, Petr
2018Influence of increase of sensomotor task difficulty on neural system arousal and motoric performanceBenešová, Daniela; Švátora, Karel
2021MÉDIA A EXPERIMENTBenešová, Daniela
2020Vliv externí informace na výkon v testu výdrž ve shybuBenešová, Daniela; Švátora, Karel; Kalistová, Petra
2018Vliv ideomotorické intervence v průběhu senzomotorického učeníBenešová, Daniela; Hranáč, Petr; Švátora, Karel
2018Vliv předchozí informace na výkon v senzomotorickém testuŠvátora, Karel; Benešová, Daniela