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Veszprémi, Lukáš
Návrh a realizace digitálního stínu v Plant Simulation pro existující HW model

The work is aimed at creating a model that will be linked to the real model and serve as a digital shadow. The simulation will then be used to try to analyse the data, which will first be collected through long-term simulations. The main benefit is to save ...

Müller, Milan
Možnosti obrábění materiálů skupiny ISO O

The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of machining materials of the ISO O group, which are not machined under normal conditions. The aim is to test the suitability of the application of tools from the manufacturers 6C Tools and UnionTool. Part of&#...

Pekárek, Dominik
Návrh montážního postupu pro hydrodynamickou stříkací jednotku

The bachelor's thesis contains a general analysis of the assembly procedures and their design characteristics, a description of the painting and spraying techniques used, the basic types of pumps used and their mechanisms, and an analysis of the parts for which the ...

Kostka, Ondřej
Hrubá stavba (skříň) železničního vozu ComplexTrans

The bachelor thesis includes the design and calculations using the finite element method of a specific rail car ComplexTrans, which transports not only ordinary passengers, but also passengers with their e-cars (so-called coupe cars) or freight transport modules or parcel boxes with goo...

Burian, Matouš
Montážní lis 30t

The bachelor's thesis includes the design of the assembly press up to 30t. In the theoretical part, it was done first by splitting the presses and researching the subject, followed by market research. The practical part includes an analytical design of the frame and its&#x...