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Čáslavský, Martin
Proces s československými hokejisty v roce 1950

Work dealing with of the political trial of the Czechoslovak ice-hockey team held in 1950, The events of the critical year 1950 form a key part of the work. Besides that, the work describes how the power was taken by the communist regime that was behind the impr...

Cíchová, Pavlína
Táborské gymnázium od Mnichovské dohody po rok 1948

This diploma thesis is dedicated to history of the grammar school in Tábor from 1938 until 1948. Thesis is focused on the development of this school during the period after the Munich Agreement, in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and in the period after the w...

Miňová, Štěpánka
Československo v roce 1968 - příspěvek k událostem Pražského jara

The aim of this thesis is to describe important events and circumstances in Czechoslovakia, or more precisely in Pilsen, at the time of the Prague Spring. The focus is primarily on the core of the whole reform process, namely the decisions of the Communist Party lea...

Soranzo, Valentina
Protirakouský odboj Benátek v letech 1848/49

During the revolutionary year 1848 a wave of resistance against the Habsburgs took place in northern Italy who controlled the territory with a short break during the Napoleonic Wars since 1797. In Venice on March 23 the revolutionaries declared their own independent Venetian Republ...

Blahutová, Anežka
Odsun německého obyvatelstva po roce 1945 z okresu Tachov

The thesis deals with the issue of the expulsion of the German population from post-war Czechoslovakia. This problem is one of the main character of post-war life, which has completed the development of a relationship between the German and Czech population in Czechoslovakia. The&#...

Donátková, Zuzana
Futurismus a zrod fašismu

Futurism was born in 1909 by publishing the founding manifesto in the French newspaper Le Figaro. F. T. Marinetti, who founded it, has remained a recognized head of movement throughout his epoch, which, as the first modern avant-garde, has infiltrated all art fields. Futurists ...

Červenková, Lucie
Pracovní a sběrné středisko Karlov I

The theme of this thesis is Work and Collection Centre Karlov I in Pilsen. The aim of the thesis is to describe the functioning of the Work and Collection Centre Karlov I. The camp complex has undergone many changes during its existence. The work is divided into ...

Vorlíková, Iva
Očima pamětníků: Využití areálu bývalého cisterciáckého kláštera v Plasích mezi léty 1945-1980

This Master's thesis deals with the use and perception of the area of the former Cistercian monastery in Plasy through the eyes of witnesses in between years of 1945-1980. Many publications describe in detail fates of area until the Second World War. But monograph deals&#x...

Benedikt, Jan
Vývoj českého fašismu za První republiky

This thesis deals with development of Czech fascist movement during the first Czechoslovak Republic. The period is defined by the creation of the movement and accepting the Munich agreement. The thesis researches all major affairs of Národní obec fašistická, which was the main repr...

Lauberová, Jana
Integrace SRN do Evropských společenství a Severoatlantické aliance v letech 1949 - 1989

This diploma thesis focuses on the West German integration into European communities and the North Atlantic Alliance since 1949, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and briefly mentions the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and the creation of the European U...

Skálová, Štěpánka
Každodennost a výchova dětí a mládeže v Protektorátu Čechy a Morava 1939-1945

This master thesis is devoted to everyday life and raising children and youth in The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during the period of 1939 to 1945. The researched group involves chlidren in prenatal age up to youth in their early adulthood. With the use of&#...

Škoda, Roman
Horažďovice v období 1945-1955

This diploma thesis aims to analyze the period of 1945-1955 in Horažďovice. It also contains the chapter dealing with the Second World War, which predetermined the development of the following years. The work examines the influence of the political parties and daily realities in&#x...

Hladíková, Klára
Lachema, národní podnik Brno, závod Julia Fučíka, Kaznějov v letech 1980-1989

The work, titled: Lachema, National Enterprise Brno, Julius Fučík's Plant in Kaznějov in 1980-1989, attempts to analyse selected issues of a regionally significant Czechoslovakian chemical plant in the 1980s. The work wants to describe the situation of the Plant caused by the change...

Žižka, Martin
Pohled dobového tisku na volby v květnu 1946

The diploma thesis is dedicated to the perspective of the periodical press for parliamentary elections in 1946. Here are presented the interpretations of the elections from the then editors of the party and non-partisan press in the context of the post-war development of Czechoslov...

Ševčíková, Barbora
Cesta ke zrušení otroctví v Britském impériu

The theme of this thesis is the abolitionist movement in Great Britain and the legislative process that led to the abolition of slave trade and slavery in the British Empire. The paper introduces a brief overview of British involvement in the slave trade and slavery and&#...

Zezula, Lukáš
NDR a obrodný proces v Československu v roce 1968

Presented master thesis analyses the approach of the East German regime to political and social liberalization of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic during 1968. The position of the ruling SED to the Prague Spring was clearly reflected on the pages of the newspapers published in&#...

Trnková, Iveta
Ztráta perly impéria. Cesta Indie k samostatnosti.

This diploma thesis is focuses on the course of decolonization of India and the development of the national movement, which culminated in a definitive separation from the British Empire. To understand the whole development, it was necessary to focus not only on the key years&#...

Beneš, Ondřej
Vliv vietnamské války na společenskou a politickou scénu Spojených států amerických

After the Second World War the world found itself under the influence of two superpowers. The United States of America declared themselves the defender of democracy and the Soviet Union spread its influence through left-wing regimes. Because of the nuclear weapons develompent, direct&#x...

Fronk, David
Cesta ke skutečné svobodě; Boj za lidská práva ve Spojených státech amerických v 50. a 60. letech

The United States of America were in the position of dominant global superpower after World War II. The economy of the country increased rapidly thanks to the interest of people who wanted to spend the money which they saved during the war. Also wages were higher and...

Merunová, Iveta
Město Příbram v počátcích samostatného československého státu (1918-1925)

This diploma thesis deals with the political and economic history of Příbram in the beginning of the independent Czechoslovak state.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 168