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Čížek, Ladislav
Analýza způsobilosti výrobních procesů ve společnosti RICHMONT-CZ

The bachelor thesis contains analysis of eligibility of production process of two structurally similar rotating parts. For process analysis, the diagram X and R were used together with the capability indicators Cp and Cpk to evaluate the process capability itself. After eligibility asse...

Marienka, Roman
Pracovní možnosti zrekonstruovaného výukového stroje EMCO 105 MILL

The bachelor thesis shows working possibilities of the renovated machine EMCO 105MILL. It is a educational machine where students can try out individual milling technologies in practice. The machine is equipped with a control sytem SinuTrain. This system controls the machine and therefo...

Vašíček, Jáchym
Studie racionalizace práce při upínání obrobku pro soustruh TAKAMAZ X10-i

Bachelor thesis deals with the reduction of the time that the operator needs for the manipulation at the cutting centre working compartment TAKAMAZ X10-i. According to the topic of this thesis appropriate rationalization methods for analysing the duration of the operation were used....

Sládková, Zuzana
Racionalizace na výrobním a montážním pracovišti olejových van

The bachelor thesis deals with the study of consumption times during production and installation of oil tanks. The work contains a description of the production and assembly procedure, a description of each used technology. Using the appropriate time study, the indicative times for ...

Vágnerová, Anna
Návrh systému hodnocení pracovních rizik ve firemní praxi

The bachelor thesis was prepared for the specific topic in the selected company. The aim of the work is to create the risk assessment in the selected company and to propose corrective measures. The result of the work is the creation of documentation for risk assessment&#x...

Šedivá, Diana
Ergonomická studie uspořádání laboratoře KTO

This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of the workplace in terms of ergonomics. The workplace is considered as a working space for machine operators and lectures. The machine operator's work space is assessed using 2 selected ergonomic methods. Appropriate remedial measures ...

Rehák, Petr
Technologické možnosti obráběcího centra EMCO Maxxturn 25

The main part of this work is the describing the designs of the components for machine EMCO Maxxturn 25 which is newly located in laboratory at the Department. All components are designed so they can be used for teaching on this machine. In the theoretical part there...

Nezbeda, Lukáš
Využití aditivních technologií v praktických aplikacích

The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to describe the use of Additive Manufacturing Technologies in practical applications. In the practical part there will be models printed with the FDM technology and employed in practice described and their benefits will be analysed. A tensile ...

Bublík, Ondřej
Konstrukce upínacího přípravku pro skupinu konstrukčních dílců v SW Catia V5

This thesis contains several methods of designing special fixtures. Thesis is focused on construction special fixture for our part. The model of the fixture is made in software Catia V5.

Bendl, Václav
Systém vyhodnocení chyb v kontrolních listech

This bachelor thesis is focused on the quality control of the process in the pre-production phase of refrigeration and deep-freezing cabinets at company Hauser s.r.o. The aim is to design a functional system of continuous improvement and to eliminate the errors arising in stage...

Sýkora, Jindřich
Aditivní technologie v oblasti modelů letadel

Building airplane models is an ideal domain for learning basics of engineering as well as for finding new engineering solutions which can be later used in industrial applications. Modern additive technologies have the potential to simplify and accelerate making of these models. Th...

Šindelář, Ondřej
Dokončovací soustružení titanových slitin

Aim of this bachelor thesis is analyzing current situation in the machining of titanium alloys. In the theoretical part were described characteristics of titanium alloys and features affecting machinability. Attention was paid to description of technology of several chosen tooling companies. ...

Bulín, Petr
Studie způsobilosti procesu výroby na CNC obráběcích strojích ve společnosti ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ s.r.o.

Bacheleor thesis is about process capability of the production in the company ASTRO KOVO PLZEŇ s.r.o. The result of this bachelor thesis are capability indexes Cm, Cmk, Cp, Cpk

Dudáčková, Simona
Optimalizace ruční montáže s ohledem na ergonomii

The thesis focuses on the evaluation of work activities in terms of ergonomics. There are two work activities at the workplace in question. The selected activities are evaluated using 3 selected ergonomic methods. Appropriate corrective actions were proposed following the evaluation of ...

Kratochvíl, Václav
Porovnání technologických možností CAD/CAM systémů FreeCAD a SolidCAM

The goal of the thesis is a comparison of the technological capabilities of CAD/CAM systems FreeCAD and SolidCAM. In the first section the thesis focuses on concepts and definition of CAD/CAM systems. In the second part the thesis describes particular systems, their user ...

Šambergerová, Štěpánka
Ergonomická analýza vybraného pracoviště

This bachelor thesis contains an ergonomic analysis of the selected workplace. Using the application of several methods, riskiness of selected activity is determined and corrective actions are taken.

Bureš, Martin
Využití laserového mikroobrábění pro úpravu povrchu 3D tištěných kovových dílů

The main aim of bachelor thesis is the surface treatment of 3D printed metal parts by low-cost nanosecond fiber laser. The chapters of this thesis discuss about parameters of laser, setting of the laser for laser micromachining and influence of each parametrs on final surface&...

Franc, Štěpán
Evaluace měřicích metod ve společnosti Wikov Gear s.r.o.

This work deals with evaluation of measuring instruments and methods in the Wikov Gear s.r.o. company. Work purpose is compare the accuracy of two measuring machines, which are used by this company, evaluate suitability of their utilization and recommend utilization of...

Michal, Jan
Návrh technologie výroby přípravku pro montáž rozvodové sady

This bachelor thesis is focused on the production of tool set for a car service. This tool set is for replacement timing belt, pulleys and water pump on the Renault engine. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to fabricate tool set, which will be simpler than the&...

Syrovátka, Šimon
Ovlivnění smáčivosti povrchu laserovými technologiemi

This bachelor thesis deals with the use of laser in the field of surface engineering. Its main objective it to produce surface structures that would affect the properties of the original material. It is mainly the wettability of the surface, more particularly the increase in&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 199