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Bureš, Martin
Využití laserového mikroobrábění pro úpravu povrchu 3D tištěných kovových dílů

The main aim of bachelor thesis is the surface treatment of 3D printed metal parts by low-cost nanosecond fiber laser. The chapters of this thesis discuss about parameters of laser, setting of the laser for laser micromachining and influence of each parametrs on final surface&...

Franc, Štěpán
Evaluace měřicích metod ve společnosti Wikov Gear s.r.o.

This work deals with evaluation of measuring instruments and methods in the Wikov Gear s.r.o. company. Work purpose is compare the accuracy of two measuring machines, which are used by this company, evaluate suitability of their utilization and recommend utilization of...

Michal, Jan
Návrh technologie výroby přípravku pro montáž rozvodové sady

This bachelor thesis is focused on the production of tool set for a car service. This tool set is for replacement timing belt, pulleys and water pump on the Renault engine. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to fabricate tool set, which will be simpler than the&...

Syrovátka, Šimon
Ovlivnění smáčivosti povrchu laserovými technologiemi

This bachelor thesis deals with the use of laser in the field of surface engineering. Its main objective it to produce surface structures that would affect the properties of the original material. It is mainly the wettability of the surface, more particularly the increase in&#...

Skála, Václav
Návrh montážního pracoviště s ohledem na ergonomii

The work is focused on optimizing the existing workplace with regards to ergonomics. It contains a description of the observed workplace and its analysis based on suitably chosen ergonomic methods. On the basis of observations and developed analyzes, corrective measures are proposed to&...

Maršálek, Ondřej
Příklady používání katalogů nástrojů

This thesis deals with the creation of examples for tool catalogues. The examples will be used to teach students to understand the principles and to broaden skills of working with tool catalogues of different companies. The aim of the examples is to find appropriate tools ...

Přibíková, Petra
Návrh kritérií pro hodnocení dodavatelů dle kvality

This thesis provides evaluation of current criteria for rating of suppliers in a production company. There are certain quality based criteria designed to be introduced into existing company documents.

Laudát, Vít
Tvorba technické části katalogu fréz

The bachelor thesis describes the basic ways of milling and indicates their appropriate use.

Laudát, Vít
Tvorba technické části katalogu fréz

This thesis includes principles and knowledges about types of milling. These milling types are down-cut milling and ordinary milling, production of groove with milling cutter and side milling. Thesis includes also the base material for the creation of internet aplication for calculation ...

Blumentrit, Tomáš
Aktualizace školení BOZP v kovoobrábění pro účely výuky

Bachelor thesis contains all necessary information regarding safety and health. Training students and staff. Presentation of the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of machining technology. Evaluation prior to the KTO and draft training for students in the classroom in industrial labor...

Hála, Martin
Optimalizace šneku pro lisování dřevěných pilin

The thesis solves the problem of low durability and durability of the screw for pressing of wood chips. It focuses on increasing them by optimizing material selection, heat treatment and surface treatment.

Hamberger, Adam
Technologie výroby a návrh vložky válce maloobjemového motocyklu

This work deals with cylinder Jawa 50 in order to maximize of power characteristics. After technical details detection of the original cylinder was in motion the technical design of the cylinder liner to racing use of the motorcycle. Except the technical design deals this work...

Mrázek, Martin
Optimalizace parametrů laseru pro značení SK a Cermetu

The work deals with the change of surface quality using a laser mar-king. The review part describes the theory of the laser marking and the theory of surface roughness measurement. In the experimental part were made three measurements. The effort was to find the para-meters&#x...

Rešlová, Pavlína
Analýza příčin zmetkovitosti vyráběných desek do forem pro vstřikování plastů

The aim of this work is to find a possible cause of defects caused during the production of plates for injection molding. To solve the problem is described the basic distribution of plastics, the processing and description of basic injection molds. The problem is solved b...

Prokešová, Lucie
Návrh pracoviště sekretariátu z hlediska ergonomických požadavků

This thesis deals with the analysis of the workplace of the secretariat of the Department of Machining Technology. The aim is to design the workplace in terms of ergonomic requirements regarding to the characteristics of the work and layout of the room.

Nguyen, Anh Vu
Zavedení nového produktu na trh ve společnosti Systherm s.r.o.

This bachelor thesis deals with the introduction of a new product on the market regardless of the quality of the company SYSTHERM s.r.o .. Based on those technologies are developed proposals for various types of controls, so that the whole process of introducing the product&#x...

Dziamidau, Vitali
Návrh technologie demontáže nábojnic pro účel recyklace

Bachelor's thesis is aimed at technological aspect of recycling of used hunting cartridges. Within this work there were proposed two technological solutions for the automation of the disassembly plastic and brass parts of cartridges. One of the most important requirement for the dev...

Bublík, Ondřej
Konstrukce upínacího přípravku pro skupinu konstrukčních dílců v SW Catia V5

This thesis contains several methods of designing special fixtures. Thesis is focused on construction special fixture for our part. The model of the fixture is made in software Catia V5.

Pekárek, Pavel
Parametrizovaná víceosá distribuce obráběcích programů lůžek VBD pro výrobu řezného nástroje

The goal of this thesis is to create the program in Heidenhain system for The housings of indexable inserts. This thesis is focused on the issue of multiaxis transformation.

Kaufnerová, Aneta
Využití nástrojů řízení kvality ve společnosti Kdynium a.s

The main purpose of this undergraduate thesis is to locate and eliminate the cause of higher rate of defective product output at Kdynium a.s. in 2016. The first part of the thesis introduces the company and used technology. The next step is a characterization of chosen&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 183