Katedra marketingu, obchodu a služeb / Department of Marketing, Trade and Services


Recent Submissions

Hommerová, Dita , Hellbach, Christiane
Identifying the Specifics of Marketing Communication of Non-profit Organizations in a Case Study of the Czech Republic

This article deals with the specifics of marketing communication of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. For the section dedicated to recommendations, the results of a research study of the marketing communication of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic conducted in 2015...

Stěhulová, Jitka , Hommerová, Dita
A Non-profit Organization Fundraising Plan – A Case Study of the Hospice of Saint Lazarus, Pilsen

The task of fundraising is to set up and maintain relations between a non-profit organization and those surrounding it. The creation of a stable and diverse circle of donors contributes to the long-term sustainability of the entity. Public relations is an important activity that&#x...

Hommerová, Dita , Šrédl, Karel , Vrbková, Lucie , Svoboda, Roman
The Perception of CSR Activities in a Selected Segment of McDonald’s Customers in the Czech Republic and Its Effect on Their Purchasing Behavior - A Case Study

This case study presents the results of research which focused on the perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities by customers in a target segment of a selected fast-food chain in Czechia and its impact on their purchasing behavior. A total of 264 duly compl...

Eger, Ludvík , Prášilová, Michaela
The relation between school culture sub-categories and expected results of learning process

The aim of the research was to find out what factors of school culture affect the expected results of teaching and learning processes in basic schools. The research evaluated current and desired school culture in selected basic schools to identify culture gaps. Research using ...

Scholz, Petr , Janeček, Petr , Linderová, Ivica
Applying environmental measures as part of social responsibility: Case of Czech Hotel Chain

The objective of this research article is to analyze the application of environmental measures at accommodation facilities in a selected hotel chain in the Czech Republic. The primary research was carried out between February and April 2018. The data were obtained through a questio...