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Taylor, Stephen , Brychcín, Tomáš
The representation of some phrases in Arabic word semantic vector spaces

Design of electrical machines with low carbon footprint is an actual topic in the industry. Total cost of ownership is the standardized methodology to consider the lifetime costs of a power transformer already in the pre-concept design stage. There still does not exist a widel...

Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Hana , Zemčík, Robert
Micromechanical analysis of fiber spatial distribution influence in unidirectional composite cross-section on overall response in terms of tensile curves

Accurate temperature control is an important part of an induction brazing process, because of a small difference between melting points of aluminum and soldering material. However, direct measurement of the local temperature at the spot of brazing is not possible in a production li...

Zich, Jan
Tester modulu pro zpracování signálu z Čerenkovova detektoru v projektu AFP

The Cherenkov light produced by the detector is widely used in particle physics in order to detect primary and even secondary charged particles. The photomultiplier that follows the detector converts the Cherenkov light to the electrical signals. Depending on the experiment the photomul...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav , Zeman, Vaclav
Models of physiological parameters for runners and cyclists

The study of physiological parameters dynamic is currently the main area of research in exercise physiology. The most common physiological data to collect include heart rate, oxygen saturation, core body and skin temperature, blood pressure, ECG, oxygen consumption and others. The data ...

Zuzjak, Ladislav , Tureček, Oldřich
Advanced method for measurement of parameters of multi-channel sound systems

Multi-channel sound systems are very often used in many areas. One of the significant areas is playback of music in the entertainment industry. A specific area is high-quality car sound system. At present, the sound systems in the automotive are realized using multi-channel loudspe...

Škopek, T. , Šilhavá, K. , Novák, J. , Racek, J. , Brož, P. , Rajdl, D. , Štork, M.
Odezva hráček házené na tréninkové a zápasové zatížení

Veřtát, Ivo , Linhart, Richard , Pokorný, Michal , Masopust, Jiří , Fiala, Pavel , Mráz, Jan
Small satellite ground station in Pilsen – experiences with VZLUSAT-1 commanding and future modifications toward open reference ground station solution

Conventional solution of the ground station for CubeSat commanding during low Earth orbit mission is based on radio amateur equipment and could be implemented quickly and with low cost. Such case is also our ground station in Pilsen, currently used for VZLUSAT-1 daily commanding.&#...

Žahour, Jiří , Křivka, Jindřich
Emisní testy nezávislého systému pro redukci NOx

The paper describes the method of emissions measuring changes. The new WLTP method is shortly introduced, included WLTC and RDE. Next, the real driving tests results of the independent SCR system are discussed.

Valenta, Pavel
Piezoelektrický transformátor jako zdroj napětí pro Geiger-Müllerův detektor

Radiation detectors such as Geiger-Müller tubes need a high-voltage power supply for operation. The supply voltage can be in the range from 100 V to 1000 V. Piezoelectric transformers are able to generate desired voltage. In this article the possibilities of utilizing Rosen type&#x...

Lufinka, Ondřej
Princip autonomních robotických platforem (ARP) používaných pro testování ADAS systémů

In this paper, flat and overrunable autonomous robotic platforms (ARP) used for the testing of ADAS systems in automotive are described. In the beginning there is an explanation of ARP and ADAS systems. Then the design possibilities to improve such ARP are introduced (e.g. omn...

Křivka, Jindřich , Žahour, Jiří , Kosturik, Kamil
Elektronické vybavení umožňující řízení aktivní regenerace ERDPF filtru

The paper describes one key function of the ERDPF electronic control system. The main function of electronic system is the switching of regeneration current loops. For this reason, the electronic system has to be equipped by a reliable and quick control MOSFET driver. This dri...

Dudáček, Luděk
PilsenCUBE-Strato – Stratosferic Test of the Sensors for PilsenCUBE-II Satellite

Small satellites are nowadays at least often equipped by large number of sensors for attitude determination. Due to small budget, which is quite often in small satellite project, it is necessary to use cheap sensors, that are not designed for space applications. There is no&#x...

Hammerbauer, Jiří
Úvodní strany

Křivka, Jindřich , Žahour, Jiří
Metody návrhu kompaktního ERDPF filtru s důrazem na provozní podmínky elektronického systému

This paper describes the new approach for ERDPF design. For a final customer product is necessary to design a filter which will be consist only from a one compact block without a tangle of wires. The filter body has to contain all mechanical and electronic parts. Thi...

Žahour, Jiří , Křivka, Jindřich , Kosturik, Kamil
Lightweight bootloader pro mikrokontroléry NXP s jádrem S08

This paper describes a simple bootloader for the NXP microcontrollers. The first part deals with basic principles, memory layout and system interrupts. In the second part the implementation of the bootloader via CAN bus is described. Implementation also includes a transport protocol opt...

Dudáček, Luděk
Model vytížení přijímače ADS-B na nízkých oběžných drahách

Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) is system used for plane localization and tracking in order to air traffic management (ATM). Aircraft equipped by the ADS-B periodically transmits flight related information in the form of Mode-S 1090ES data signal. ADS-B mess...

Lufinka, Ondřej
Ultrazvukový vysílač a přijímač s možností datové komunikace a měření vzdálenosti více bodů

This paper deals with the problem of the short distance measurement between two (or more) moving points with the ability of a simple data communication. Different possibilities were explored and using the ultrasonic transceiver was then chosen for a future development. The article ...

Paločko, Lukáš
Spektrum sigma-delta modulace

The objective of this paper was describe spectrum of the sigma delta modulation and their normalization to the Power Spectral Density (PSD) .

Hammerbauer, Jiří
Úvodní strany

Jílek, Jiří , Štork, Milan
A wrist cuff method for acquisition and analysis of radial artery waveforms used for blood pressure measuring

The increasing network traffic often causes various problems depending on different communication requirements in ZigBee. In particular, in a one-to-one communication environment, there exists a data loss problem as the network traffic increases, while in a many-to-one environment, there exists a...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 40