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Šimeček, Jiří
Stav povrchů vrtaných nekonvenčními nástroji opatřenými progresivními PVD vrstvami

The thesis is aimed on the evaluation of surface integrity in holes created by unconventional drilling tools. They are capable of forming a precis hole and, moreover, are capable to strengthen the upper layers. The aim should be to develop a certain standard procedure for ...

Klufová, Pavla
Odolnost proti degradaci laserem navařených austenitických vrstev

The dissertation is focused on analysis of degradation corrosion processes of Inconel 625 laser clads with increased molybdenum content. The introductory of the theoretical part is devoted to laser cladding technology process with additive powder material. The research describes basic principles ...

Khan, Wilayat
Teoretický výzkum spektroskopických, elektronických a magneticýych vlastností nových nískodimensionálnch sysémů

The important aspects of photocatalytic materials like Nb3O7(OH) and Fe2O3 were investigated in this thesis, like the electronic structure, band gap, optoelectronic and spectroscopic properties. The effects of the doping elements in these materials were also investigated. These properties were ca...

Khan, Saleem Ayaz
Interralationship between structural, optical and transport properties of renewable energy materials

Two technologically important aspects of FePt magnetism were investigated in the thesis, namely, the magnetocrystalline anisotropy and the influence of the disorder. For this purpose we used ab initio quantum mechanical calculations. The calculated magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy significantly differs...

Vančura, Filip
Vývoj nových technologií pro semi solid state

With the help of innovative technological procedures, even conventional and well-tried materials can acquire atypical structures with specific mechanical and physical properties. One such dynamically developing area is the field of various semi-solid forming technologies. However, due to its technolog...

Chvostová, Eva
Aplikace miniaturizovaných zkušebních těles při hodnocení mechanických vlastností a odolnosti proti křehkému lomu

The presented thesis deals with further development of small sized specimens techniques for mechanical properties assessment. These tests are being applied for cases when there is shortage of the experimental materials (new materials development, severe plastic deformation processes, residual service&...

Azam, Sikander
Zásadní studie optických, termoelektrických a elektronických vlastností komplexníxh materiálů

Advancement in optical telecommunications and optical computing devices has increased the demand for materials with greater optical coefficients. For that reason, several materials with suitable optical properties have been designed, some of which are based on the family of quaternary chalcogenid...

Česánek, Zdeněk
Žárově stříkané povlaky používané v korozně působícím prostředí

Corrosion resistance is one of the main parameters determining the properties of every material in surface engineering. To protect components working in corrosive-aggressive environments, new corrosion resistant materials are being developed and simultaneously with this research, also new protective c...

Čančura, Zdeněk
Výzkum rizik heterogenních svarových spojů na JE a vývoj kvalifikovaných postupů jejich oprav

The thesis deals with research on the risks of dissimilar metal weld joints at the nuclear power plants and the development of qualified repair procedures. The thesis specifically focuses on the dissimilar metal weld joint no. 23 of the primary collectors of steam generators a...

Vavruňková, Veronika
Studium mikrostruktury tenkých vrstev a povrchů.

The subject of the work are thin films of amorphous hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H) used as an absorber film in photovoltaic cells of II. generation. The films were prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) from silane diluted with hydrogen. Dilution R determines ...

Šašková, Jiřina
Rekrystalizační chování termomechanicky zpracované oceli C45

This thesis concerns the recristallization behaviour of thermomechanically treated steels. The introduction covers non-conventional treatmens for improving mechanical properties. It especially deals with steel processing of stable and metastable austenite.

Netrvalová, Marie
Studium morfologie povrchu a optických vlastností transparentních vodivých oxidů

This work deals with a study of surface morphology and optical properties of transparent conductive oxides. The optically transparent and electrically conductive oxides (TCO) are binary, ternary of multi-component compounds of at least one metal element, which have wide range of application&...

Zahálka, František
Studium vlastností vybraných HP/HVOF povlaků

This work is focused on the evaluation of thermally sprayed coatings of materials which have high potential for their use for surface protection of exposed components which are working in service conditions, combining heat and corrosive effects of steam. These effects may result to...

Prušáková, Lucie
Vývoj transparentních vodivých oxidů pro fotovoltaické aplikace

This work is motivated by applications of ZnO thin films as a top electrode and back reflector in thin-film solar cells and the need of the light scattering improvement to increase the thin-film solar cells performance. The research presented in this thesis has been particular...

Chocholatý, Ondřej
Vlastnosti, zkoušení a vývoj kompozitních Cr povlaků pro pístní kroužky

Submitted thesis deals with the development and testing of composite galvanic coatings for piston rings. The literature search in the introduction was focused on the issue of chromium coatings for piston rings and their testing. There were also mentioned previously realized experiments ...

Říha, Jan
Studium fázových transformací Zr-slitin při vysokých teplotách metodami rtg difrakce

The work deals with a high-temperature phase transformation study of zirconium alloy on the basis of Zr-Nb with the use of "in situ" X-ray diffraction methods. Due to physical, mechanical and chemical properties are these materials used as cladding materials for nuclear fuel&#...

Macháčková, Kateřina
Výroba magneticky měkkých slitin na bázi Fe-Ni pro elektrotechnický průmysl

The alloys of FeNi and the optimization of the production technology was the object of the dissertation. The reduction of the production scrap and the improvement of the utilisation of charging stock (the price creates 60% from total cost) was the main aim of this work.&#...

Aišman, David
Vyvinutí technologie tváření velmi malých součástí v tixotropním stavu

Thanks to innovative processing sequences, even conventional materials which have been around for years can be treated so that novel and unconventional microstructures with specific mechanical and physical properties are obtained. This also holds for semi-solid forming, which is a dynamically...

Volák, Josef
Hodnocení mechanických vlastností pomocí miniaturních zkušebních těles typu "Small Punch" a včasná lokalizace provozních defektů pomocí akustické emise

This disertation thesis describes Small Punch test method (SP test) as well as acoustic emission (AE). SP test method belongs to the group of so called semi-destructive methods which involves careful removal of minimal amount of testing material without the need of additional repai...

Prantnerová, Michaela
Hodnocení vztahu mikrostruktury a vlastností žárových nástřiků

This work is aimed to evaluation of mechanical-physical properties of HP/HVOF thermally sprayed hardmetal coatings in dependence on coatings microstructure. Primary interest was devoted to WC-Cr3C2-Ni coating. The main aim of this work was to find relationship between the type of powder...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26