Katedra aplikované elektroniky a telekomunikací / Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications


Recent Submissions

Král, Lukáš
Zpracování dat z letu sondážní rakety

This bachelor thesis deals with data processing and their analysis from on-board camera, the matrix infrared sensor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope. This was taken during suborbital flight of sounding rocket Black Brant IX. The basic properties of individual sensors are presented h...

Aubrecht, Petr
Moderní řešení hodin typu Pragotron

The aim of this work is to assemble the control unit for the old Pragotron clock IPJ-0612. The introductory part of the thesis is focused on the control of the clock mechanism. At the next part of the work, the possibilities of transmittion of exact time information&...

Hamerník, Karel
Vliv Single Event Efektů na elektronické systémy

The purpose of my bachelor thesis is describe Single Event Effects, their distribution, testing and data analysis, there is also described ionizing radiation.

Hefler, Jiří
Testovací jednotka pro programování PLC Siemens Simatic S7-1500

This bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of the test unit and the creation of three sample tasks on which the functionality of the unit can be demonstrated. The first part is focused on the history of PLC. The next part of the thesis describes&#x...

Kulhánek, Tomáš
Regulovatelný zdroj s impulsní předregulací

This bachelor thesis is focused on problematics of linear regulated power supply with voltage pre-regulation. In this thesis are described possibilities of linear power sources, their voltage regulation and possibilities of voltage pre-regulation. This thesis further deals with specific design of...