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Král, Lukáš
Zpracování dat z letu sondážní rakety

This bachelor thesis deals with data processing and their analysis from on-board camera, the matrix infrared sensor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope. This was taken during suborbital flight of sounding rocket Black Brant IX. The basic properties of individual sensors are presented h...

Aubrecht, Petr
Moderní řešení hodin typu Pragotron

The aim of this work is to assemble the control unit for the old Pragotron clock IPJ-0612. The introductory part of the thesis is focused on the control of the clock mechanism. At the next part of the work, the possibilities of transmittion of exact time information&...

Hamerník, Karel
Vliv Single Event Efektů na elektronické systémy

The purpose of my bachelor thesis is describe Single Event Effects, their distribution, testing and data analysis, there is also described ionizing radiation.

Hefler, Jiří
Testovací jednotka pro programování PLC Siemens Simatic S7-1500

This bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of the test unit and the creation of three sample tasks on which the functionality of the unit can be demonstrated. The first part is focused on the history of PLC. The next part of the thesis describes&#x...

Kulhánek, Tomáš
Regulovatelný zdroj s impulsní předregulací

This bachelor thesis is focused on problematics of linear regulated power supply with voltage pre-regulation. In this thesis are described possibilities of linear power sources, their voltage regulation and possibilities of voltage pre-regulation. This thesis further deals with specific design of...

Farkaš, Martin
Realizace neuronové sítě s využitím grafických procesorů

This thesis deals with artificial neural networks and the speed of their training. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the history of artificial neural networks, the advantages of graphical processors for neural networks, selected optimization algorithms and the structure of convolu...

Lapuník, Vojtěch
Řídicí SW pro modelové kolejiště

Within this bachelor thesis, the reader is firstly introduced to the issue of controlling the model railway, which is located at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. After being familiarized with the system and its management, follows the&#...

Fencl, David
Průtokoměr pro internet věcí

This bachelor thesis is focused on creating functioning system for measuring of the flow of a liquid using the technology from the area of internet of things. The thesis contains a survey on common measuring methods, which are used in practice. We discuss several networks ...

Uhlíř, Adam
Přizpůsobovací obvody pro úpravu analogových signálů

This bachelor thesis deals with the design of an electronics module for analogue signal conditioning circuits for National Instruments measurement cards. On introduction particular input/output types, parameters and use of measurement cards are presented. This is followed by the requirements ...

Mühlbacher, Pavel
Přenos dat pomocí Bluetooth

This work is focused on wireless data transmission. As a data source, the accelerometer or gyroscope was chosen. There are practically realized data transmissions by means of radio modules NRF24L01 + and their various configurations for both the maximum transmission speed and the m...

Fenclová, Jessica
Lokalizace malých těles pomocí optických metod

In this bachelor thesis, the reader is first introduced to the methods of object localization. After a detailed introduction to localization methods, both by camera and algorithms and by photoelectric sensors, the practical application of these methods for localization of small objects ...

Suchý, Jiří
Elektromagnetický návrh dvoustupňového magnetického děla

The bachelor theses presents my own design of the two-stage coilgun. It discusses different types of magnetic launches used in history and present and categorizes them into groups according to their construction. Proposed design is verified by finite element method using SW tool An...

Komín, Jan
Cluster analýza pro pixelové detektory částic

The bachelor thesis deals with Cluster analysis for pixel detectors. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to general methods and methods that are used for pixel detectors.The second part is dedicated to the algorithm itself. The algorithm ...

Záruba, Vít
Komunikační prostředky pro IoT

The bachelor thesis is focused on familiarization with the problems of technologies and protocols of the Internet of Things. The first part is an introduction to the Internet of Things, their basic elements required criteria and topologies. The second part describes the Internet of...

Veselý, Filip
Informační sytém pro maratonské závody

This bachelor thesis is focused on creating hardware and software solution for tracking run races using RFID technology. You will learn how RFID technology works and how the measurement was performed before RFID technology was applied. The introduction includes basic information about J...

Hepenko, Alona
Časomíra pro závody robotů

This bachelor thesis deals with the design of timekeeper for robot races, which are used in teaching and competitions co-organized by FEL KAE. The first part describes the principle of realization of timekeeper and individual blocks it is composed. The second part is devoted t...

Forejtek, David
IPTV vysílání FEL ZČU v Plzni

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on the design and technical realization of internet TV in FEL ZČU network in Pilsen.

Kováčová, Lucie
Návrh "In-body" antény

This thesis deals with antennas for devices in the body area network, especially for the endoscopic capsule. Different aspects that have to be considered to design and operate these antennas are discussed in the research part of the thesis. An overview of frequency bands, mate...

Medek, Michal
Úprava regulace vstupní citlivosti výkonového zesilovače Yamaha CP2000

This bachelor thesis discus design and implementation of preamplfier replacing the original inadequate regulation of input sensitivity of the Yamaha CP2000 power amplifier, which is used in acoustic laboratories at the Faculty of Eletrical Engineering. Implementation si carried by digitally contr...

Očenášek, Jiří
Systém správy Li-Ion baterií - BMS

The main focus of this bachelor thesis is Battery Management System also known as BMS for Li-Ion batteries which is to be used with prototypes of electric vehicles. The system is designed to be able to level up voltage values of each cell, so negative side effects&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 235