Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language

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Nazarenková, Viktorie
Ruský dětský filmový týdeník Jeralaš

The work is devoted to learning the history of the film weekly "Jeralaš" and to examining its general perception today. The work is structured into three parts. The first part is dedicated to the general characteristics of the film weekly. In the second chapter, vari...

Bartošek, Martin
Ambivalence a kontrasty jako základní prvek v tvorbě Ivana Alexandroviče Gončarova (praktická aplikace v hodinách světové literatury)

The main objective of this diploma thesis is to present a new idea of chronological perception of Ivan Goncharov's work. In our writing, we highlight the travel journal, from his travels around to world. From imperial Russia to England across the Atlantic Ocean to the ...

Břížďalová, Šárka
Specifika výuky cizího jazyka na 1. stupni ZŠ na příkladu ruštiny

The diploma thesis elaborates the topic of Specifics of teaching a foreign language at the primary school using the example of Russian. It follows the teaching from psychological, pedagogical, linguodidactics and didactic perspectives. It presents the results of qualitative research of inter...

Hodková, Šárka
Ruští spisovatelé a historické osobnosti v českých lázních

This bachelor thesis describes significant Russian visitors who visited the Czech spa. The work describes in detail the stays of individual personalities. The author of the work proposed an educational trail that brings the stays of Russian visitors closer to the public. In the...

Strejcová, Eliška
Ruská lidová hudba a tradiční hudební nástroje

This bachelor thesis deals with Russian folk music and traditional musical instruments, genres of Russian folklore and performers of Russian song creation. It focuses on the approximation of Russian folk music and the mapping of its terms. Part of this thesis is a lecture &quo...