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Majerová, Žanna
Využití moderních výukových metod v praxi waldorfské školy

This work was dedicated to the consideration and studying of the usage of modern teaching methods in the Waldorf schools. By studying of specialized literature, methodological preparation and running two projects, we were able to achieve our goals that we have set. Several&#...

Miklyaeva, Olga
Obrazy hrdinů v tvorbě N. S. Leskova (na materialu prózy Očarovaný poutník)

The bachelor's paper demonstrates the study of the literary image and analysis of the hero of the story "Enchanted Wanderer" Ivan Fljagin on the basis of a literary image theory.

Jeníčková, Natálie
Ermitáž: historie a současnost

This thesis is about the State Hermitage Museum, a cultural heritage known worldwide. The thesis focuses on the history and the current state of the State Hermitage Museum. It follows the origin and development of the collections in this museum from the year 1764 u...

Kovářová, Kristýna
Guzel Jachinová a její román Zulejka otevírá oči

This thesis deals with the interpretation of the novel Zuleikha, written by Guzel Jachin. In the thesis there is uncovered the origin of the novel and the life of the protagonist Zuleikha. Then there is characterised the composition, the construction of the storyline and the&#...

Voříšková, Ludmila
Činnost Českého domu v Moskvě

Goal of this bachelor's work "Activity of The Czech House in Moscow" was acquaintance people with activities of The Czech House in Moscow and it's position between Czech Centers and Houses around the world. This work has five chapters: Czech Centers and Their Acti...