Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language

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Moudrý, Petr
Krasobruslení v Rusku (minulost a současnost)

This presented Bachelor Thesis focuses on figure-skating in Russia and the past and the present of this sport. The main objective of this thesis was to clarify the development of figure-skating in Russia and introduce the readers with Soviet and Russian figure-skaters and trainers....

Lukavská, Šárka
Neverbální komunikace, etiketa Rusů

The bachelor´s thesis addresses the topic of non-verbal communication and etiquette of the Russian people. It focuses on the mimics, gestures, haptics, postures and proxemics of the communication. It show the differences between the Czech and the Russian culture in this area on sel...

Kumpan, Valeriia
Realizace ironie v českých překladech povídek Taťjany Tolsté

The bachelor's work ?Irony realization in the translations of Tatyana Tolstaya's short novels to Czech language? considers the concept of irony in the literary works of a famous contemporary Russian writer. The main attention is paid to the ironic component in the stories o...

Soukupová, Sabina
Kulturologický potenciál ruských lidových pohádek Krása nesmírná

In the first theoretical part I define and divide the fairy tale. I described the most important moments of Russian folk oral literature and introduced the most famous collectors of folklore. I also deal with the characters of the fairy tale, which I present on the r...

Slavíková, Veronika
Po stopách Něnců

The aim of the diploma thesis In the Nenets' footsteps is to convey a comprehensive view of the Nenets ethnic group and then in the practical part to outline various possibilities of didactic activities related to the topic of the thesis. The diploma thesis is divided...