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Porkristl, Martin
Řešení problematických míst při návrhu podpůrných konstrukcí AM dílů

Bachelor thesis is addressing the design of critical spots during metal 3D printing using DMLS on the interface of the full body and support structure of the part. Several parameters can be selected for the support structure interface, such as laser power, scanning speed, Z-of...

Knapp, Jiří
Rozbor a posouzení ergonomie fakult pro studenty FST v Plzni s pohybovým omezením

The bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis and assessment of ergonomics of faculties for students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen with movement restrictions. The aim of the work is to assess the barrier-free environment at the UWB in Pilsen in Bory and to...

Veselý, Daniel
Využití SW Magics pro efektivní návrh podpůrných konstrukcí pro tištěné součásti

The bachelor's thesis is addressing possibilities in the use of the Materialize Magics software for effective construction of support structures in the production of metal components using additive manufacturing. With the help of the software, modifications of the most suitable orientation&#x...

Polata, Václav
Posouzení ergonomie poslucháren ZČU

The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the assessment of the ergonomics of the lecture halls of the University of West Bohemia. Focus on the current state of lecture halls, which use students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the study of bachelor's degree...

Dvořák, Jakub
Vliv technologie výroby na pevnost šroubů z Inconelu 718

This bachelor's thesis deals with comparison of bolts made of Inconel 718 made by additive technology and conventional technologies (machining, forming), further, it deals with optimalization of designed support structures for M12g6 bolts, ensuring the required mechanical properties, elimination o...

Půta, Tomáš
Sestavení hlukové mapy na vybraném pracovišti

This bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of a noise map at the selected workplace. The work is divided into two main sections - theoretical and practical. The result is a noise map of the selected workplace and suggested ways to reduce noise.

Petrych, Vojtěch
Vliv parametrů obrábění na síly při obrábění kulovou frézou strategií vlečením

This bachelor´s thesis explores the dependence between the machining parameters and cutting forces out of consideration for vibrations. The hypothesis about calming the cutting process as a result of a transverse leaning is verified through the experiment. The substance of the experiment...

Mandaus, Matyáš
Inovace řezných nástrojů s VBD a jejich experimentální testování

In the first part of this bachelor thesis are described the latest and the most advanced cutting tools with indexable inserts from different manufacturers in detail. The second part introduces a special mill Kraken and describes very closely its innovations. The final output is...

Bouše, Karel
Inovace řezných nástrojů monolitních a jejich experimentální testování

The theoretical part of bachelor thesis is focused on searching the most current and the most progressive solutions of monolithic cutting tools from comprehensive point of view. In the practical part innovative channel systems for liquid supplies using additive technologies were designed.&#x...

Matějka, Michal
Termografické testování dílů vytvořených 3D tiskem

The bachelor's thesis focuses on the use of thermographic non-destructive testing methods to detect defects in products created by 3D printing. The thesis contains a research in the field of thermographic testing methods and 3D printing technologies. The practical part describes the ...

Macho, David
Posouzení pracoviště z hlediska ergonomických požadavků

The bachelor thesis contains an assessment of the workplace in terms of ergonomic requirements, defining ergonomic risks during the work performed, analyzing the workplace using appropriate ergonomic methods, summarizing the results obtained and suggesting improvements to the current state of the...

Haruda, Jan
Návrh způsobu výroby funkčních komponent ložiskového systému "Ball and Socket" v podmínkách GTW

The bachelor thesis contains information about plain bearings, functions, design and testing of the "Ball and Socket" element. The work explains what the element "Ball and Socket" is and how it works. Furthermore, there is a proposal for the technology of this elemen...

Nývlt, Jakub
Implementace systému environmentálního managementu ve výrobním podniku

The bachelor's thesis deals with the introduction of an environmental management system in a manufacturing company. The first part maps the development of managerial approaches in the field of EMS, summarizes the current legislation concerning environmental protection in the Czech Republic,&#...

Spurný, Ondřej
Experimentální zjišťování měrného řezného odporu u slitin neželezných kovů

The bachelor thesis contains experimental determination of specific cutting force of non - ferrous metal alloys. It is analyzed in the research part introduction to machining issues, technical insight and the design itself, evaluation of the experiment. They are in the final stage...

Půta, Filip
Porovnání stanoviště tramvaje 2. a 3. generace z pohledu ergonomie

The bachelor's thesis deals with the comparison of 2 types cabins in trams manufactured by Škoda Transportation. First part of the work is a theoretical basis, which is linked to in the practical part. The result of the work is a proposal of innovative measures for&#x...

Paul, Zdeněk
Návrh způsobu měření funkčních prvků (vahadel) ložiskového systému "Axiálního samovyvažovacího ložiska"

The bachelor thesis is focused on a new method of height measuring of self-equalizing levers through newly designed measuring tool with aim for simplicify and reduce the measurement time compared to the current measurement method. Measuring tool was modified several times in period ...

Špaček, Petr
Optimalizace výrobních procesů ve společnosti TOP CONTROL

The work is focused on process optimization. The aim of this work was to optimize the assembly process of the component from the motor part of the car. The benefit of the work is the possibility of increasing production standards and improving workplace ergonomics for ass...

Levý, Vojtěch
Návrh indikátorů kvality hlavních procesů na FST

This bachelor thesis consists of introduction and goals, then the part about approaches to quality assurance is drawn up. Thesis continues with characteristics to quality management system of FST, that is created according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard. To meeting the goals of&#...

Marienka, Roman
Pracovní možnosti zrekonstruovaného výukového stroje EMCO 105 MILL

The bachelor thesis shows working possibilities of the renovated machine EMCO 105MILL. It is a educational machine where students can try out individual milling technologies in practice. The machine is equipped with a control sytem SinuTrain. This system controls the machine and therefo...

Rott, Matěj
Možnosti monitorování 3D tisku kovů

The bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of methods and principles regarding monitoring of the process of 3D metal printing by DMLS technology. The thesis includes research in the field of 3D printing technologies, description of 3D metal printing technologies, monitoring methods and...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 199