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Křenek, Tomáš , Mikysek, Petr , Pola, Michal , Vála, Lukáš , Melaré, Estela , Jandová, Věra , Vavruňková, Veronika , Rieger, David
Formation of metastable zirconium oxides using pulsed laser deposition of ZrO based target

There is a growing interest about the possibilities for preparation of various zirconium oxides from scientific as well asapplication point of view. Laser ablation of solid target consisting of sintered grains of metallic hexagonal Zr3O and monoclinic ZrO2 results in evaporation of Zr,&...

Bricín, David , Pomahač, Jiří , Kříž, Antonín
Degradation of Sintered Carbides in Different Corrosive Environments

The aim of the study was to determine the corrosion resistance of different types of sintered carbides in alkaline and acidic environments. The degradation environment for sintered carbides was chosen so that its pH corresponds to those with which these carbides normally come into&...

Bartoň Klufová, Pavla , Kříž, Antonín , Vostřák, Marek
Development of laser clads with high corrosion resistance for nuclear power industry

This contribution deals with development of a system consisting of a base material and a composite laser clad with high corrosion resistance. The cladding material for laser overlaying was a powder mixture of inorganic substances based on copper and oxides of silicon, iron, calcium...

Glanc, Aleš , Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka , Vostřák, Marek
Microstructure and tribological behavior of HVOF sprayed and laser treated CoCrTaAlCSiY coatings

Co-based alloys are used over a wide range of application because of their excellent corrosion and wear properties. Especially the Stellites (Co-Cr-W) are well known and quite well researched. The CoCrTaAlCSiY is a new material on the field of thermal spray coatings and due to...

Vála, Lukáš , Křenek, Tomáš
Advanced oxidation processes

There is a great interest in the synthesis of various nanosized green reusable catalysts which would better assist various chemical reactions in industrially important technologies. Heterogeneous catalysts are widely used in advanced oxidation processes. Its can remove organic pollutants in waste...

Průcha, Vojtěch , Benešová, Soňa , Veselý, Vilém , Kesl, Miloslav
The influence of hot forging on the size and frequency of carbides in HS 6-5-2

This paper follows on from a paper entitled “Effects of hot forging on the shape and size of prior austenite grain in HS 6-5-2 high-speed steel” which was devoted to a microstructure analysis of slugs from rolled bars of a high-speed steel after two and three forging...

Bricín, David , Jansa, Zdeněk , Somr, Josef , Elmanová, Andrea , Kříž, Antonín
Influence of heat treatment on properties of SD251-PH1 composite produced by additive SLM technology

This study evaluates how heat treatment affects the structure and properties of the engineered composite material SD251-PH1. This material was formed by mixing two powder blends in a weight ratio of 90 wt. % WC-Co powder SD251 with 10 wt. % of a PH1 steel precipitation&#x...

Benešová, Soňa , Průcha, Vojtěch , Veselý, Vilém , Kesl, Miloslav
Effects of hot forging on the shape and size of prior austenite grain in HS 6-5-2 high-speed steel

Microstructure analysis was performed on rolled bars of high-speed steel after two and three forging cycles, each cycle comprising one upsetting and one drawing out operation. High-speed steels belong to difficult-to-form materials with a narrow forging temperature interval. Forging above the...

Jirková, Hana , Opatová, Kateřina , Káňa, Josef , Bublíková, Dagmar , Bystrianský, Martin
Integration of Press-Hardening Technology into Processing of Advanced High Strength Steels

Development of high strength or even ultra-high strength steels is mainly driven by the automotive industry which strives to reduce the weight of individual parts, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. Another important factor is the passenger safety which will improve by the use of...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav
Design, service and testing grounds stress spectra and their using to fatigue life assessment of bus bodyworks

In the development of a road vehicle such as a bus, the input data for the assessment of the fatigue life of the body and other mechanicalparts of the vehicle are gradually refined. In the initial phase of the development of a new vehicle, so-called design stress...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav , Žlábek, Pavel , Heller, Petr , Chvojan, Jan , Mentl, Václav
Fatigue Tests - Important Part of Development of New Vehicles

In city of Pilsen (Czech Republic) modern transport engineering is developed. The Skoda Transportation (production company) has successfully been producing rail and road vehicles for many years (electric locomotives, trams, metro cars, trolleybuses, battery buses). This producer cooperates in developi...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav , Tittel, Jan
Parametric study of the potential of application of high-strength steels to increasing the service fatigue life of vehicle structures

The paper highlights the main impacts of HFMI technology on increasing the fatigue resistance and extending the fatigue life of joints and components welded from both conventional and high strength steels. Parametric calculations of the permissible stresses of a selected structural detail&#x...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav
Using design S-N curves and design stress for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of vehicle components

The contribution explains a possibility of using design S-N curves and design stress spectra for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of vehicle components. The design S-N curves can be considered on the basis of either experiments or using some standards. The design stress spectra...

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal , Skála, Jiří , Tesař, Jiří , Čížek, Petr
Use of IRNDT evaluation for crack detection induced by cyclic loading

Infrared nondestructive testing is an inspection method based on an external excitation of a measured sample and a thermographic analysis of its thermal response. It often uses advanced evaluation techniques based on temperature spatial and temporal changes. IRNDT is a suitable method f...

Bublíková, Dagmar , Jirková, Hana , Jeníček, Štěpán , Stehlík, Adam
Heat treatment of closed-die forgings of low-allow AHSS steels

New methods are sought today for improving the mechanical properties of heavy-duty parts of high-strength steels, particularly in the automotive industry. AHS steels tend to be associated with high strength and hardness, which are achieved at the cost of poor ductility. Nevertheless, du...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15