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Hamáček, Martin
Fučíkovo spektrum Laplaceova operátoru s integrální okrajovou podmínkou a jeho parametrizace

This thesis is devoted to studying of an eigenvalue problem of radially symmetric Laplace operator with a nonlocal (integral) boundary condition in general dimension $ n $. In addition, we are interested in describing the so-called Fučík spectrum of the corresponding problem.�...

Bečvářová, Tereza
Tvorba interaktivních pomůcek pro výuku stereometrie \nl na středních školách

Spatial vision is not obvious for everyone; thus, solving stereometric problems can be difficult for some secondary school students. This thesis on "Creation of Interactive Aids for Teaching Stereometry at Secondary Schools" focuses on one part of stereometry - sections of solids&#...

Špaček, Ondřej
Semidefinitní programování v kombinatorické optimalizaci

Thesis deals with semidefinite programming in combinatorial optimization. The first part is summarizes the theory needed to work in this field. In the second section we are dealing with Shannon capacity of the graph, Lovasz $\vartheta$ function, and with MAX CUT problem. The m...

Šišková, Michaela
Matematické modely penetrace trhu

Many different mathematical models exist to describe market penetration after a new product is launched on a market. They usually assume an infinite continuous population and continuous time. These premises might be at odds with the real world, as the population is probably much&#x...

Moskovka, Alexej
Numerické metody pro problémy s parciálními diferenciálními \nl inkluzemi

This dissertation deals with partial differential equations with differential inclusions which are closely connected with the term 'multi-valued mapping'. Mainly, this text is focused on numerical methods for solving real physical problems which are usually simulated by the systems of par...