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Mužík, Jaroslav
Neautonomní dynamické systémy a jejich aplikace

This thesis targets the topic of non-autonomous growth models. Firstly, with consideration of several examples of non-autonomous phenomena, it is explained why and under what circumstances it could be beneficial to consider a growth model with time-dependent parameters. Additionally, Verhulst's&#x...

Schwarzová, Eliška
Rozvrhovací úlohy

This bachelor's thesis is dedicated to both theoretical and practical parts of timetabling problems. Concepts needed for the construction of timetables are defined in the introductory part of the thesis. These are mainly concepts related to graph theory and linear programming. One p...

Velková, Kristýna
Spektrální vlastnosti grafů

This thesis addresses the spectral properties of graphs, a key aspect of graph theory that finds broad applications across various fields of science and technology. The work provides an overview of both fundamental and advanced concepts of spectral matrix and graph theory, with an&...

Koňařík, Jakub
Franklova hypotéza o množinových systémech a síla podmínek \nl lineárního programování

In the present thesis we familiarize the reader with the Union-closed sets conjecture. The conjecture states that any nite union-closed family of sets has an element that belongs to at least half of the member sets. We examine in detail the conjecture's assumptions, known ...

Kalvas, Karel Antonín
Reedova hypotéza pro vrcholové barvení grafů

In this work, we will introduce the concept of vertex colouring of graphs. Subsequently, we will present Reed's conjecture (B. Reed. omega, Delta, and chi), which provides an upper bound on the chromatic number of a graph G, expressed as chi(G) <= ceil((omega(G) + Delta...