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Recent Submissions

Rečková, Alena
Cyklické vlastnosti cirkulačních grafů

This work deals with cyclic properties of circulant graphs. It is mainly focused on pancyclicity of circulant graphs. Let 0 < a_1 < a_2 < ... <a_k <= n/2 be positive integers and n be natural number. The circulant graph C_n(a_1, a_2,.., a_k) is a graph...

Melichar, Jan
Maticové populační modely dynamiky lesních ekosystémů

Matrix structured population models are an example of systems of first-order difference equations, which are among the important model tools used when forest growth dynamics is studied. The dynamics of forest stand state is governed by the properties of~the Usher projection matrix, whic...

Baborová, Karolína
S-pakovací hranové barvení grafů

The thesis deals with S-packing edge colorings of graphs. For a non-decreasing sequence of positive integers S = (s_1, s_2, s_3, ...), an S-packing edge coloring of a graph is a function f that assigns colors from {1, 2, 3, . . . } to the edges of the...

Krejčíková, Kateřina
Cyklické vlastnosti orientovaných grafů

This thesis is focused on Hamilton properties of directed graphs. The first chapter is a familiarization with some of the problems of graph theory. In the second chapter we define fundamental terms of graph theory for both undirected and directed graphs. In the third chapter&#...

Smazalová, Eliška
Identifikace odlehlých pozorování

The bachelor thesis titled "Identification of outliers" is focused on a detection of outliers in sets of univariate data. The aim of the work is to describe the chosen methods and demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. The selected methods are then performed in a...