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Recent Submissions

Koloros, Jan
Vliv geometrie vzorku na přesnost měření elektrických vlastností tenkovrstvých transparentních vodivých oxidů

This bachelor's thesis is focused on the investigation of the influence of the sample geometry on the measured values of resistivity and concentration of charge carriers in thin layers of transparent conductive oxides. Different geometries are investigated on two transparent conductive o...

Morávek, Tomáš
Porovnávací analýza vybraných objektů se závěrečným posouzením vhodnosti použitých metod a výsledků

This thesis analyses three selected buildings owned by the Pilsen region. All of the selected buildings will be reconstructed or there will be built a new building of the same character and purpose of use. This work aims to examine the suitability of construction of a...

Deiko, Darya
Karbonatace betonu a její vliv na nosnou konstrukci staveb

The diploma thesis describes the issue of carbonation of concrete, the impact of this phenomenon on buildings and their life, evaluation of the effects on load-bearing reinforced concrete structures. Methods and calculations of concrete carbonation depth described according to valid s...

Frémund, Adam
Porozumění řeči založené na neuronových sítích

This master thesis deals with the use of artificial neural networks for natural language processing. In recent years, models with the Transformer architecture have become widely used in this field of artificial intelligence. It is these models and their structure that are thoroughly...

Švec, Josef
Návrh řídicího systému inspekčního autonomního vozidla

This thesis deals with design of wheeled inspection robot control system using ROS framework. The task of the robot is to visit autonomously points of interest, which can be defined in the created user interface. The thesis contains a complete description of the used rob...