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Koranda, Martin

Video installation in the old building. This installation is make of hand maded animation. The main idea is making this space revived.

Rozhko, Yevgeniy
Aplikovaný scénický projekt

The aim of my thesis is a short feature film, on which I applied previously acquired knowledge in the field of video. I struggled to create a visually interesting short film, which would be one of the main roles played light. That's why I was looking for emo...

Horáková, Kateřina
Multimediální reklama

As a theme of my Thesis I have chosen multimedia advertisement.The own result of my work is painting and photos and theoretical part. The main goal of my work is to create new system of advertisement.

Hofmanová, Eva
Site specific

In the first part of my master thesis I try to define the term "site-specific" and I try immerse myself deeper into this dilemma. Next thing I deal with is understanding of selected landscapes by means of aquarelle and by description of its character. I emphasis...

Feltová, Markéta
Síla identity

I display 6 different videos in a shape of a hexagon. On each video you can see my legs in different water environments and they are all focusing the center of attention to the middle of the hexagon which is meant to create one unit out of the 6 videos...

Švarcová, Štěpánka
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu

In my diploma thesis I'll deal about visual identity of existing subject. I decided to choose theme of "Visual style of Engi company", what is one from many Icelandic oraganic farms. Engi produces many kind of herbs, vegetables and even fruits. I'm going to p...

Jirka, Štěpán
Design jednostopého elektrovozidla

This work describes a process of designing an electric two wheeler vehicle - electric bicycle. The product is designed artistically with regard to the function and shows unconventional approach to design of a bicycle whose added value is an integrated storage space.

Špunda, Jan
Plakáty pro hudební skupinu

My dissertation coutistis of ten posters announcing concerts of czech music band called DVA. Each photo and text on posters should by as close as to possible to the character of the music group and the proposed format should by capturing for a poserby.

Romanenko, Oleksandra
Vizuální identita existujícícho subjektu(funkcní maketa grafického manuálu)

This work is a set of graphical elements. Includes three posters B1 based on action photo (s requirements the Company), including typography and logo design manual has 20 pages with descriptions of the technical options logos and typography, there are also thumbnail prints includin...

Otavová, Kateřina
Vizuální identita existujícího subjektu

The thesis discusses about the visual identity of an already existing subject, a visual style for Primary school of art in Třemošná. The result is a complete graphic manual containing: logo, jobbing printed, orientational system, clothing accessories for students, stickers, keychains and...

Klimszová, Barbora
Série plakátů na téma Sedmi smrtelných hříchů

Seven deadly sins poster series as a way of communication social poster field in graphic design.

Bořecká, Martina
Návrh plakátu

Ten posters and book showing my life. My life events. My injuries.

Průchová, Tereza
Komplet kniha s ilustracemi - Mýty a pohádky původních obyvatel Austrálie

The goal of my diploma thesis was to create illustrations for the book Myths and fairytales indigenous people of Australia 20 illustrations minimum. The final output of the thesis is a completely illustrated book with appropriate graphic form and typography.

Peterková, Michaela
Didaktický projekt - soubor učebních pomůcek pro žáky 1. stupně ZŠ

In my disertation I elaborated on didactical tools for the elementary school's 1st grade pupils. As a closer specification of my work I chose the topic of family. I created this project together with my friend who's a teacher therefore I tried to make my&#x...

Nožičková, Martina
Cyklus ilustrací ve formě knihy Fernando Pessoa

I illustrated The Book of Disquiet of Fernando Pessoa. I created 40 illustrations. They are created by scratchboard in a specially manufactured plates. I divided the book into two volumes and also I revised the book in terms of typography and graphic, solved frontispiece and&#...

Martinovská, Anna

The interpretation of the classic text Odysseia by visual modern art means, using the frottage technique.

Kankrlíková, Zuzana
Katalog ornamentů

The chosen theme of my master's theses is: "Catalogue of Ornaments". I have chosen the theme of ornament because I have been interested in it for a long time and I´m keen on any form of it. I´m in a wonder of its sometimes quite simple but&#...

Holinková, Karla
Cyklus ilustrací ve formě knihy Ota Hofman - Pan Tau

As my final work I made complete visual form of children's book Pan Tau a tisíc zázraků written by Ota Hofman. It's about Mr. Tau, a man in old fashioned lounge suit with magical bowler hat. He uses his magic to make people (especially children) happy and...

Holá, Veronika
Ilustrace k titulu: Dudáci a vlčí hlavy

As my diploma thesis I have chosen illustration and graphic design of a whole book. The target of my diploma thesis was to create illustrations and cover design of the book. I have chosen the title Dudáci a vlčí hlavy (Pipers and wolfs head) by Zdeněk Šmíd for&#...

Holasová, Aneta
Kniha pro někoho

As my final work I wanted to create a book for a particular person. And then I decided that this person should be my grandfather. So I created a book which is biography of his life, especially about his work, he is a butcher. Great inspiration for me was&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 93