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Sekera, Jan Carlos , Preis, Jiří , Pazdiora, Petr
Health literacy on HIV infection among adolescents in the Czech Republic: a case study of two Czech cities Plzeň and České Budějovice

Despite health literacy being an important assumption for maintaining a healthy population, there are not many studies focusing on health literacy concerning HIV infection among adolescents in the Czech Republic and among Czech authors. In contrast, there are plenty of scientific papers ...

Kopp, Jan , Novotná, Marie , Frajer, Jindřich , Ježek, Jiří , Raška, Pavel , Dolejš, Martin
Plánování modro-zelené infrastruktury s využitím ekohydrologického hodnocení mikrostruktur města Plzně

Although the blue-green infrastructure is a matter widely discussed in several disciplines such as urban planning, landscape architecture, water management, climatology and nature conservation, use of the term itself remains infrequent in Czech contexts and has no unanimous definition. As the...

Kebza, Martin , do Carmo Perotto, Camilla
Regional development trends in West Bohemia with a special focus on peripheral areas

In this article, we study regional development trends in the Czech region of West Bohemia through the application of the core-periphery concept. In particular, we focus on the peripheral areas of West Bohemia, the development and differences between its core and periphery, and on&#...

Kebza, Martin , Findžová, Leona , Váňová, Anna
Využívání sociálních sítí místními samosprávami: geografický kontext

This paper aims to map the use of two social networks (Facebook, Instagram) within the municipalities of the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions. On the example of 635 municipalities we verify whether Facebook is the dominantly used social network, how the activity on these media&...

Kohout, Michal , Kopp, Jan
Green space ideas and practices in European cities

For almost two centuries, green spaces in European cities have been rethought and built based on the shifting ideas and practices about the role of nature in cities. Although there is a great diversity in the quantity and quality of green spaces in European cities today,&...

Kopp, Jan , Preis, Jiří
The potential implementation of stormwater retention ponds into the blue-green infrastructure of the suburban landscape of Pilsen, Czechia

This study investigates the requirements for creating blue-green infrastructure (BGI) as an instrument of stormwater management, in which nature-based solutions in urban and suburban landscapes are preferred. This case study of stormwater retention ponds (SWRPs) in the suburban landscape surrounding&#...

Vít, Václav , Kopp, Jan
Typology of Outdoor Seating Areas of Restaurants Based on Factors Influencing Their Thermal Comfort. A Case Study of Pilsen City Centre, Czechia

Due to climate change, the question of thermal comfort in cities is becoming more important in Central Europe. The aim of the study is to design and experimentally verify the typology of outdoor areas of restaurants in terms of their thermal comfort factors, based on a&#x...

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Vývoj českého cukrovarnického průmyslu po druhé světové válce

The article acquaints the readers with the development of the Czech sugar industry in the period from 1945 to 1989. As it turned out, the political changes that took place after World War II had the greatest impact on the then prosperous economy and developed sugar i...

Kopp, Jan , Vobruba, Martin
Sucho a oheň – přirozená součást života savany

Savanna's life is a typical example when drought and fire determine the natural development dynamics of the landscape. This paper presents recommendations for the didactic transformation of the topic at school teaching. It points out possible cases of misconceptions among students.

Kopp, Jan , Čubr, Václav
Parky, nebo parkoviště? Plánování zeleně pro udržitelná města

This paper is concentrated on the planning of urban green space in accordance with environmental trends of urban development. We demonstrate that the urban greenery is highly beneficial and thus from an economic point of view it is effective to care for it. It develops ne...

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Srovnání vývoje cukrovarnického průmyslu v Česku a v USA na příkladu společností Tereos TTD a American Crystal Sugar

The article deals with the comparison of the two largest sugar beet producers in the Czech Republic and the USA. However, it is not only a comparison from the point of view of the size of its own production, but also from a historical, geographical and socio-economic...

Matušková, Alena
Změny ve využití krajiny Brd po transformaci Vojenského újezdu Brdy na Chráněnou krajinnou oblast Brdy

A substantial part of the Brdy Highlands was used for military purposes for ninety years. After the termination of the Military Training Area Brdy on January 1, 2016, the utilization of this area has changed markedly, and gradual changes are also occurring in the surrounding&#...

Jeřábek, Milan , Dokoupil, Jaroslav , Böhm, Hynek
The Euroregion Šumava-Bayerischer Wald/Unterer Inn-Mühlviertel as Laboratory of Cross-Border Relations Changes Caused by Political Decisions

The Euroregion Šumava-Bayerischer Wald/Unterer Inn-Mühlviertel is an example of the co-operation entity between “old” and “new” Europe, which was created in the first half of 1990´s. It is an example of a territory in Central Europe, where as a result of political influences m...

Dokoupil, Jaroslav , Preis, Jiří , Novotná, Marie
Management inovací v Plzeňském kraji a srovnání se sousedními bavorskými regiony

Innovations are key factor for developing of the regions and their competitiveness. There are significant regional discrepancies in the Pilsen region, with specific regions along the border with Bavaria. On one hand, there is economically strong core area around the Pilsen agglom...

Kopp, Jan
Aktuální trendy ekohydrologického managementu měst: případová studie Plzně

The aim of case study of Pilsen is to assess what is the level of implementation of new ecohydrological management trends of cities in the Czech environment. There was used comparison with the development system of the concept „Water sensitive cities“ for the assessment...

Ježek, Jiří
Konsolidace obecní struktury v České republice: Mezi slučováním a meziobecní spoluprací

Alongside France, Italy and Slovakia the Czech Republic belongs to the countries with the most fragmented municipal structure. The aim of this paper is to analyze the attitudes of representatives of the Czech municipalities to two ideal forms of consolidation of the structur...

Ježek, Jiří
Aplikace městského marketingu v praxi: vývoj, očekávání, realita (kritický pohled)

The paper analysis and critically evaluates a practical application of city marketing. It results not only from the Czech, but also foreign experiences. It points out some discrepancies between expectations and a reality of city marketing, which have not been r...

Vacík, Pavel , Kopp, Jan
Porovnání školních meteorologických stanic Vantage Pro2tm a meteorologických stanic sítě ČHMÚ na základě měření na území města Plzně v letech 2009-2010

The credibility of data measured by school meteorological stations Vantage Pro2™ is investigated in this paper. The subject of this study is to compare five meteorological stations in the city of Plzeň: Plzeň-Mikulka, Plzeň-Bolevec and Plzeň-city (CHMI) and school meteorological stations Van...

Ježek, Jiří
Plánovací kultura v České republice na příkladu strategického plánování měst

The paper deals with the planning culture in the Czech Republic. It deals mainly with strategic planning in urban development, which some referred to as "the new planning culture", and problems with its practical application. This paper draws empirical evidence mainly from the...

Kopp, Jan
Strategické plánování udržitelného rozvoje velkoplošných chráněných území

This paper is a review concentrated on the sustainable development of large-size protected areas in the context of strategic planning in the Czech Republic. We compare goals of strategic development documents for two model protected areas (The Landscape Protected Area Český les – n...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29