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Svrčinová, Nikola
Diferenční rovnice v matematické ekonomii

The goal of this thesis is to analyze relationships among difference equations and loan repayment. Specifically, we first consider the derivation of equations for loan repayment and the amortization plan. Next, we examine the dependencies on the various parameters and we extend loan...

Krutina, Tomáš
Analýza vybraných indikátorů technické analýzy v době propadů na akciových trzích

The aim of this work is to determine the success rate of technical analysis indicators at the time of declines in stock markets. The indicators examined in this work are MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands. Their results are compared with the simple strategy Buy and Hold. ...

Hajšmanová, Anna
Investiční studie: koupě bytu za účelem pronájmu

This bachelor thesis analyses the investment in purchase of an apartment for rent. The main goal of this thesis is to assess the investment in terms of profitability, risk and other factors. The thesis also takes into account the development of parameters in the future. T...

Báčová, Veronika
Nelineární obyčejná diferenciální rovnice prvního řádu: vlastnosti řešení a jeho analytické aproximace

This thesis is focused on the study of a first order ordinary differential equation that cannot be solved analytically. First, we use the Taylor polynomial of the 1st and 3rd degree to approximate the right side of the equation. In both cases, we calculate and compare...

Kůsová, Martina
Příjmové nerovnosti ve vybraných evropských zemích

This bachelor thesis is focused on measuring income inequalities. First we describe measures of income inequality: Gini index, Lorenz curve, pay gap and ANOVA. In the next section we process and analyse over 4 million data from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway,...

Kudláč, Martin
Víceparametrické nelineární okrajové úlohy

This work formulates a multi-parametric boundary value problem with one parameter included in an equation and the other parameter in a boundary condition. The task is to examine the pairs of the parameter which the problem has a non-trivial solution for. A linear version of&#x...

Sobota, Ondřej
Lineární a nelineární oscilátory

This bachelor thesis is focused on the study of linear and nonlinear oscillators and especially on the situation where the so-called resonance occurs. First, we analyze in detail the behavior of a linear oscillator. Then we focus on the solution of the Duffing equation using&#...

Marešová, Alexandra
Matematický pohled na integrály ve fyzice

This thesis focuses on line and surface integrals and their applications in the theory of electromagnetism. The main issue of this thesis is to describe the mathematical background of Maxwell's equations. After a short introduction to electromagnetism we continue with simple consideratio...

Sosnová, Kateřina
Hamiltonovské problémy a jejich obarvené varianty

This bachelor thesis deals with Hamiltonian problems and their coloured variants. The thesis focuses on the conditions under which the graph is Hamiltonian. Both for non-oriented and oriented variants. The last chapter also mentions the structure of graphs without certain types of circles.

Rejthar, Dominik
Arbitrážní příležitosti při sázení na sportovní výsledky

The bachelor's thesis deals with the occurrence of arbitral opportunities when betting on sports results in data from football, basketball and tennis and possible strategies of betting on arbitral opportunities with a guarantee of return on investment. Data from particular competitions a...

Lesniak, Tomáš
Predace v populačních modelech matematické biologie

We investigate population models of mathematical biology and more specifically, the effect of harvesting. We consider one population whose internal dynamics is decribed by exponential, logistic, or bistable law. For these populations we study the change of dynamics by harvesting which models...

Hylasová, Karolína
Aplikace kopulí ve financích

In this bachalor thesis we describe fundamental definitions and properties of a copula. We will focus primarly on Archimedean copulas, which are one of the most important class of copulas. We will introduce their definition, fundamental properties and severel families of Ar...

Dyková, Jitka
Optimalizace zásob a přepravní úlohy s omezeními

In this thesis a distribution problem is discussed. At first some basic problems are introduced together with corresponding solution methods. Next, more and more complex models are being presented involving product delivery problems from multiple producers to multiple consumers during some p...

Hesoun, Jakub
Populační modely na diskrétních oblastech

This thesis investigates population models on two discretely separeted patches. The local population dynamics follows one of the basic models (exponential growth, logistical growth, bistable dynamics) on each of these patches. In addition, diffusion occurs between these areas. We examine the ...

Pokorný, Martin
Okrajové úlohy s asymetrickými nelinearitami a nelokálními \nl okrajovými podmínkami

In this thesis, we investigate the Fučík spectrum for the second order boundary value problem with one Robin and one non-local boundary conditions. We prove that the corresponding linear boundary value problem has infinitely many eigenvalues and we provide the description of these ...

Procházková, Tereza
Srovnávací analýza - nákup či zapůjčení lyžařského vybavení

This bachelor thesis is focused on comparing the benefits of buying and renting ski equipment based on the number of periods spent each year in the ski area. Ski equipment for beginners and advanced skiers will be evaluated separately. Furthermore, three variants of financing ...

Kopřiva, Martin
\vyraz{L(i,j,k)} - ohodnocení grafů

This bachelor thesis deals with \vyraz{L(i,j,k)}-labelling of graphs with special focus on \vyraz{L(3,2,1)}-labelling, and searches for minimal spread or upper and lower bounds on this spread by which the graph can be evaluated. For integers \vyraz{i, j, k}, \vyraz{L(i,j,k)}-labelling&#...

Chladová, Lenka
Vstupní testy - jednotlivé příklady

This bachelor thesis deals with statistical processing of data from entrance tests in mathematics, which are written by students of the first years of some fields of study of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The thesis focuses on the relationship among students respon...

Drda, Patrik
Řetězové zlomky

The aim of this thesis is to introduce the introduction to the theory of continued fractions. There is a finite and infinite continued fraction defined here. Furthermore, a convergents and its properties are defined. The criteria for convergence of continued fractions are also...

Půlpán, Jan
Odhady prvního vlastního čísla okrajových úloh

The topic of this thesis are estimates of principal eigenvalue of boundary value problems. We deduced a formula for upper bound using Rayleigh quotient and for lower bound with Picone identity. We focused on building the test function using the cubic spline. We utilized an...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 154