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Leba, Ondřej
Etnologické aspekty skupiny drag queen performerů

This thesis deals with the description of the subculture of Czech drag queen performers. The conclusions are interpreted on the basis of long term empirical research consisting of participatory and non-participatory observation, semi-structured and informal interviews. The aim of the thesis ...

Hrubý, Adam
Sociální nerovnost v pořadu Výměna manželek

The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the representation of social inequality in the context of Pierre Bourdieu's book 'Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste' in the television show Výměna manželek. This work will focus on the lifestyle of...

Marek, Lukáš
Volný čas v lovecko-sběračských společnostech

This bachelor thesis is focused on the leisure time of hunter-gatherer societies. The goal of this work is to analyse the scientific debate on this theme through the history of cultural anthropology from its beginning until present. The main theme is the theory of the eco...

Pištová, Alžběta
Koronavirová pandemie v imaginaci současné spirituality

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe and to interpret approach of people who are a part of current alternative spirituality environment to Covid- 19. Using qualitative methods of anthropological research, this thesis attempts to describe and understand how these people un...

Fialová, Jana
Stereotypizace "jiného" v dobrovolnickém turismu v indickém Ladaku

This bachelor thesis deals with stereotypes that can be encountered among Western volunteers in Ladakh, India. The aim of this work is to find out whether stereotypes appear in individual thematic categories and subsequently to verify whether the respondents confirm or deny these s...

Rybáková, Bohumíra
Proměna každodenního života v paměti obyvatel Sepekova

This bachelor thesis examines the transformation of everyday life in the South Bohemian village of Sepekov in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century. The everyday life is changeable and flexible. It adapts to current events and it is influenced by great history as&...

Drapáková, Anna
Antonín Dvořák jako součást identity a kolektivní paměti obyvatel příbramského regionu

Individual memory is an element that shapes our identity. However, personal memories are not purely the result of our experience, but are a part of a larger complex. The so-called collective memory plays a role in the formation of social identity. Individual people's individual...

Karasová, Veronika
Emický pohled na onemocnění a léčbu v české společnosti

The thesis is focused on the attitudes of selected sample of Czech women and men (age 40-80) towards health problems, their causes and treatment options. The emphasis will be on the perspective of participants themselves, ascertained by semi-structured interviews. These will aim&...

Krejčová, Vendula
Inkluze romských dětí do společnosti pomocí mimoškolních aktivit

The bachelor's thesis is focused on the inclusion of Roma children into the majority society with the help of low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The aim of the work was to find out, on the basis of qualitative research, specifically the technique of semi-stru...

Bláhová, Andrea
Reprezentace genderu a nerovnost na hudební scéně v České republice

The main topic of this bachelor's thesis is the perception of the position of female performers on the Czech music scene, specifically whether they face male dominance, objectification and gender stereotypes in this environment. In the theoretical part of the thesis, I present ...

Kolomazníková, Barbora
Problematika romských rodin v kontextu gentrifikace pražské čtvrti Smíchov

Main goal of the bachelor thesis is to asses lives of Gypsy families from Prague district Smíchov, specifically at Plzeňská street, in relation to gentrification phenomenon. Gypsies have lived here for several generations and currently are in a difficult situation, with gentrification h...

Hryb, Yauheniya
Film v kontextu sovětské a postsovětské etnografie

The purpose of this work was to analyse selected films by elaborated methods within a context of development of ethnographical filmmaking in the Soviet Union and modern Russia. These films were chosen according to criteria of their ethnographic character and engaging form of presen...

Malík, Robert
Migrace a reemigrace z romské osady do Velké Británie.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe and analyze the migration and re-emigration of the inhabitants of the Slovak Roma settlement of Letanovce to Great Britain and back. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the first one, I describe&...

Veli tahiri, Ardiana
Jména, příjmení a pojmenování albánské enklávy v Makedonii

This thesis deals with the surname, name and naming by Albanians in Macedonia. The system, practice of naming, and types of names in use of Albanian minority in Macedonia is explained in detail. The described practice is continually compared with the practice of other groups&#...

Jiskra, Petr
Produkce a transgrese veřejného prostoru v Plzni

The aim of this bachelor ´s thesis is to seek to understand the ways in which public space is produced as a normative category of liberal-democratic society. I assume that it is through the production and transgression (disruption) of public space that the basic aspects o...

Pipotová, Libuše
Konstrukce feminity a maskulinity mezi zaměstnanci ve firemním prostředí

The main topic of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze how femininity and masculinity are formed and manifested in the environment of large companies. The work tries to grasp the corporate environment as an institution that has an impact on the behavior, actions and repres...

Hošková, Jolana Anna
Mateřství v sociálně vyloučených lokalitách

This Bachelor thesis is focused on teenage pregnancy among women with low socioeconomic status. It discusses the factors that affects this phenomenon, that does not copy the discourse about motherhood through the lens of dominant society and thus make these women marginalized. It a...

Benešová, Kateřina
Subkultura hip hopu

This Bachelor thesis is focused on the Czech hip hop scene. It considers the evolution of the subcultural studies in social sciences and describes the development of hip hop scene. The empirical part is focused on the main topics of Czech rap since the 90s until toda...

Kantová, Lucie
Česko-německé vztahy v aktuální perspektivě: oživení zaniklé obce Königsmühle

The thesis deals with czech-german relations at the Königsmühle festival. It focuses on the transformation of the locality and the use of the concept of national identity from the perspective of festival visitors.

Trkovská, Barbora
Téma: Inkluze ve školství

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the concept of inclusion in school. Inclusion in school is the integration of disabled and excluded children into a common school collective. The thesis looks at inclusion in two ways. First, it explores what inclusion is and cont...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 379