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Recent Submissions

Kaarbaeva, Zhyldyz
Vývoj kyrgyzsko-uzbeckých vztahů v Kyrgyzstánu od 80. let 20. století do současnosti (na příkladu měst Oš a Džalal-Abad)

The dissertation is devoted to the study of interethnic relations in the south of Kyrgyzstan on the example of relations between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks ethnic groups, where the former represents the titular ethnic group, and the latter are the largest minority in the country. The&#...

Kuba, Martin
Dialogická forma v textech starší české literatury do roku 1400 \nl{}(se zvláštním zřetelem k dramatu)

The study is focused on the character of the Dialog in the historical context of the European literature. We will compare the dialogic form in the texts produced with aspiration for some literary qualities and the texts with plain informative intentions, typical for the Philos...

Pokorová, Markéta
Proměny židovské tematiky v české literatuře \nl{}a její didaktické aspekty

The thesis is based on Reader- Response Criticism as its principles are lately used in the Czech literature classes. The students (co-creators of the texts) as well as the teachers (facilitators) deal with a new task in the learning process; to accept complex author's toke...

Pánková, Vladimíra
Český psychologický román v literární výchově na střední škole

The objective of this dissertation is to characterise the psychological novel as a genre including its developmental changes, to didactically transform this scientific information into the literary education curriculum for secondary schools (mainly Czech grammar schools) and to propose constructivist&...

Goubej, Martin , Königsmarková, Jana , Kampinga, Ronald , Nieuwenkamp, Jakko , Paquay, Stéphane
Employing finite element analysis and robust control concepts in mechatronic system design-flexible manipulator case study

The paper deals with development of a methodology for mechatronic system design using state-of-the-art model-based system engineering methods. A simple flexible robotic arm is considered as a benchmark problem for the evaluation of various techniques used in the phases of modelling, analysis...