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Poslední příspěvky

Polák, Michal
Vyšetřování optických a strukturních vlastností tenkých vrstev Cu\dindex{2}O dopovaných dusíkem

This bachelor thesis examines optical and structural properties of transparent conductive oxides (TCO), particularly copper oxides enhanced with nitrogen atoms. Basics of TCO theory and techniques for measuring their parameters are explained, specifically ellipsometry and Raman spectroscopy. Those are ...

Lucák, Lukáš
Charakterizace elektrických vlastností tenkovrstvých polovodičů na bázi Cu-O and Cu-O-N

This bachelor thesis focuses on the investigation of the electrical properties of copper oxide thin films doped with nitrogen (Cu-O, Cu-O-N) in two series of samples with different deposition conditions. Resistivity, charge carrier concentration and mobility were measured on square samples u...

Vosejpka, Jan
Tenkovrstvé materiály na bázi Cu-O připravované pomocí HiPIMS pro rozklad vody

This work focuses on the preparation of Cu2O thin film materials using high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) for photocatalytic applications with emphasis on photoelectrochemical water decomposition. First, the differences between HiPIMS and direct current magnetron sputtering (DCMS) are dis...

Eret, Daniel
Spintronics - mechanická stavebnice modelující elektrické obvody a její využítí ve školské praxi

This master's thesis deals with the possibility of using the mechanical kit Spintronics, which models electrical circuits, within the framework of teaching physics. The introductory part is focused on the importance of models and analogies in teaching, their specific types and use....

Aul, Daniel
Badatelsky orientované laboratorní práce z fyziky inspirované návody k školním měřícím systémům

This thesis consists of, besides brief Introduction and Conclusion, five parts (chapters). In the first part it discusses most used probeware and literature that deals with this topic. In the second part it describes inquiry based learning and analysis of laboratory works by certai...