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Syslová, Adela
Odrazy libanonské občanské války v umění

This thesis aims to retrace several events of the Lebanese Civil War from its beginning in 1975 until its end in 1990 through the postwar Lebanese art production. It focuses on two theatre plays: Wajdi Mouawad's Incendies and Darina Al Joundi's Le jour ou Nina Sim...

Muhamed, Navdar
Bitva o Gallipoli 1915 - 1916

This work focuses on the Battle of Gallipoli, which began on 19 February 1915 as a naval battle, later also as a ground operation. The battle was between the Allies and the Central Powers. The aim was to occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula, where the British Navy would&#x...

Wohlmuth, Ota
Operace Boží hněv

The bachelor thesis deals with the Israeli Operation Wrath of God. The purpose of this thesis is provided a clear reflection of the reversal actions that followed after the massacre of eleven Israeli Olympians at the 20th Summer Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. It is ...

Vlček, Lukáš
Mezinárodní vodohospodářská spolupráce v povodí řeky Jordán

The thesis describes water resources and access to water resources in states in the Jordan River Basin. It deals with the possibilities of access to water resources in terms of territorial and political development.

Al-khayat, Sarah
Mu'áwija ibn Abí Sufján a jeho význam pro konsolidaci Umajjovského chalífátu

Bachelor thesis describes a relatively long historic period of the medieval Islamic Empire. The thesis has two main parts, the first focuses on the peak period of Umayyad Caliphate and its interpretation of western historiography. The second part focuses on the Mu'awiya ibn Abi...