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Levá, Hana
Postupné vlny v asymetricky podepřeném nosníku

This thesis focuses on the nonlinear fourth order partial differential equation which can be used as a model of an asymmetrically supported beam or a generalized model of a suspension bridge. We present an overview of existing results for related problems. Then, the variational...

Široký, Dan
Detekce anomálií stavů turbíny v datech systému RMS

This thesis deals with the task of remote monitoring and diagnostics of rotating machines, industrial steam turbines in particular. Its goal is to design a software solution for anomaly detection in an area where high volumes of data are encountered. Successful anomaly detection is...

Žán, Vilém
Pokročilé nástroje pro interaktivní návrh jednoduchých regulátorů

The aim of this thesis is to develop tools for process model identification, robust controller design for processes with uncertainty, and closed-loop performance optimization in the time domain. In the first part, the control theory used in the author's ap...

Vladař, Lukáš
Analýza velikosti dat pro neurální syntézu řeči

The aim of this thesis is to describe the impact of the amount of used training data on the quality of the speech generated by a neural synthesizer. Another goal is to answer how the use of pretrained neural models can affect the quality of the final speech....

Wébr, David
Metody rychlého prediktivního řízení pro mechatronické systémy

The main aim of this thesis is to study the methods of fast predictive control. At the beginning of this thesis it is described the principle of the predictive control in the standard form. In this form of predictive control it is necessary to solve the optimization&...