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Duba, Jiří
Historie města Šafšáwan v 15. a 17. století

The thesis presents a view of the city Chefchaouen in northern Morocco in the period 15th - 17th century on a political, social, but also architectural.

Matasová, Klára
Islámská architektura v Seville

My bachelor thesis handles the theme about Arabic monuments in Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain. I specifically focused on buildings that were built by Arabs between the 8th and 15 century. It´s character and look is very special and unique. We can see here a combination of Isla...

Urbanová, Kateřina
Sexualita ve starověké Mezopotámii

The subject of my thesis is the sexuality in the ancient Mesopotamia and it is divided into two main parts. The first part is relating to the sexuality in everyday life, especially marriage which was really important in the ancient society. In addition there is one s...

Valtrová, Kateřina
Situace kurdské menšiny v Turecku po roce 2002

My thesis is focused on the situation of the Kurdish minority in Turkey after 2002. The main goal of my thesis is to show how the Kurds live in Turkey and how their situation has changed since 2002, that means with the ruling of AKP.

Štuksová, Tereza
Abú Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakaríjja ar-Rází: život a dílo

This bachelor work is focused on life and work of great Persian scholar and physician Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya ar-Razi, known in the western world under the name Rhazes. The main aim of this work is to analyze the context and background in which he lived a...

Tvrdek, Tomáš
Šalom achšav

This Bachelor thesis deals with Israeli peace movement "Shalom Achshav" (Peace Now). Traces its history on background of the Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the inception of the movement in 1978 to the present. It also discusses the current activities of the...

Shero, Roz
Koncept cti v islámu

This bachelor thesis focuses on the concept of honor in Islam and generally in the Middle Eastern societies, mainly in connection to the so called honor killings in chosen countries such as Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Turkey.

Sekalová, Simona
Peshmerga vs. ISIS - možný vliv na úplnou nezávislost iráckého Kurdistánu

This thesis is focuses on the most important concepts related to Iraqi Kurdistan, which are together connected undoubtedly. It tries to clarify the origin and current status of the Kurdish Peshmerga army, playing nowadays a key role in the fight against the extremists of the&#...

Rohlenová, Milada
Muhammad VI. a politický vývoj v Maroku v roce 2011

This thesis focused on the Moroccan king Mohammed VI and the political development in Morocco in 2011. Furthermore there are mentioned new constitutional reforms and their real influence on the politics and the relationship between the king and the government.

Procházková, Zuzana
Kurdové v Sýrii a jejich politické aktivity od 20. století

In my thesis I devote the presence of Kurds in Syria and their political activities from the 20th century to the present. At the beginning of the work I will focus on Kurdish history and their origin. I also deal with Kurdish political developments in the territory&#...

Rejlová, Daniela
Znamení Hodiny v Islámské Eschatologii

The main purpose of this thesis was to resume the most signs that precede the Day of Judgment and consequently, we do not have this sort of work in the Czech language. I tried to use only Quran and credible hadiths. I was forced to rely on english translati...

Novotná, Věra
Alexandr Veliký a jeho tažení na Blízký východ

The beginning of the thesis describes the period before the onset of Alexander the Great on the throne. The next chapter, which is a key part of the thesis, is focused on individual battles and Alexander´s most important enemy persian king Darius III. The sources&#...

Kozlová, Dominika
Íránská kinematografie za vlády prezidenta Mahmúda Ahmadínežáda

The thesis presents Iranian cinema during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It reflects cinematography before and after re-election of the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and describes selected social problems of contemporary Iran in chosen films.

Huňátová, Kamila
Panovníci III. dynastie urské

This thesis is focused on a period the reign of III. dynasty of Ur. The beginning of the thesis describes the period before the III. dynasty of Ur took power over Mesopotamia. Next part describes the reign of all rulers from this dynasty with a view to the...

Kollouch, Martin
Karel Petráček - komparatistická studie arabských i českých překladů

This work is focused on Czechoslovak Orientalist professor Karel Petracek - his life and works with special attention on literal and translation work. It addresses theoretical works about Arabic literature in Czech language from the beginning of Czech Orientalism to present. It is ...

Hrabětová, Aneta
Univerzalistická politika sulh-e kull Džaláluddína Muhammada Akbara

The aim of this work is to assemble information about universalistic policy in the Mughal empire during the reign of Jaláluddín Muhammad Akbar who ruled in the Indian subcontinent in years 1556- 1605. Presented are the reforms and consequences that the introduction of new reli...

Byrouti, Natali
Nástroje islámského finančnictví

The bachelor thesis titled ,,Tools of Islamic financial system '' is an analysis of the functioning of Islamic financial instruments. In the first part of this thesis, there is a brief overview of how other monotheistic religions see the issue of interest rate....

Čermáková, Natálie
Lawrence z Arábie a arabské povstání 1916-1918

The Arab revolt began in June 1916, when the Arabs, under the leadership of Sharif Hussein, joined their forces with the British, and rose up against the Ottoman domination with the aim of securing independence and creating a single unified Arab state. Part of this revolt...

Boudová, Jindřiška
Rafík Harírí

This Bachelor's thesis tries to describe objectively the life of former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri.This goal was chosen because there were not discovered any sources devoted to this famous person. Chapters gradually discuss the Lebanese Civil War, then Rafiq Hariri's ...

Besedová, Michaela
Vybrané orientálne cirkvi v sýrskom meste Aleppo: história a súčasná situácia

The primary goal of this work is to describe the socio-political position of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in Syria, especially in the city of Aleppo. The thesis focuses on two selected Oriental Churches that have been present in Aleppo: the Armenian Apostolic Church and the&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 195