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Vlčková, Barbora
Komparace organizace soudnictví za první ČSR a organizace soudnictví v dnešní době

The aim of my thesis is based on the comparison of the organization of the judiciary for the 1st Czechoslovakia and organizations today, to some extent, to compare differences in both periods. In particular, I focused on a comparison of constitutional justice. In the introduct...

Nechutný, Vladimír
Organizace soudnictví v habsburské monarchii v letech 1848 - 1918

The theme of this work is the organization of the judiciary in the Habsburg Monarchy in the years 1848 - 1918. Here aren´t only different types of courts, which at this time were established, as well as legal persons, such as the administration of justice - that ...

Mašek, Martin
Dějiny policie a četnictva mezi lety 1918-1938 se zaměřením na regiony Lounsko a Mostecko

The work is focused on development of gendarmery and police in Czechoslovakia between 1918 and 1938. It is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the period between world wars and is based on information form book sources. The researching part analyses information&#...

Pavlů, Tomáš
Mnichovská dohoda - platnost nebo neplatnost

This thesis serves to clarify the Treaty of Munich and position of the Czechoslovakian Republic before World War II. This topic is still viewed very controversially in the context of the world?s history and, specially, of the Czechoslovakian history. Treaty of Munich was an im...

Šlapáková, Nikola
Právní postavení obyvatelstva za Protektorátu Čechy a Morava, se zaměřením na české obyvatelstvo (region Plzeňsko)

The work deals with the Czech population in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and his legal status. Furthermore, in my work and autonomous administrative authorities of the Reich and the effect of local resistance in Pilsen.

Martínková, Veronika
Institut soudce z lidu v období 1948 - 1989

The main topic of this thesis are the judges from the people. The work deals with the legislation of the judiciary, fundamental sources of law, which judges from the people had to follow, including a description of the actual performance of duties before 1989. It also...

Procházka, Pavel
Právní a správní aspekty protektorátu Čechy a Morava

The thesis reviews development of the legal system and the application of administrative authorities during German occupation of Czechoslovakia from 1939 to 1945. The dissertation focuses especially on the protectorate administration, character of the supervisory and executive power authorities, and&#...

Hrubý, Jakub
Mnichovská dohoda - historickoprávní vyvoj a důsledky

This work deals with a broader wiev of European development after World War I, which led to the signing of Munich agreement and its subsequent consequences. It also focuses on development in Germany and in Czechoslovakia a and their mutual relations, and to their area of&...

Churcev, Vladimír
Etika advokáta - vztah advokáta a klienta

The thesis deals with rights and duties of solicitors in a relationship with a client as well as the historical development of legal profession since ancient Rome and in Czech Lands too. The beginning of the thesis also generally explains the term legal profession and it&...

Tégl, Patrik
Mistři popravří jako součást městské správy

The work deals with the development rights in relation to the development of medieval towns, rights holders and their changes over time. The position of executioner in the law, the city administration as well as their social status. The demonstration that uses examples from th...

Procházka, Martin
Mírový projekt Jiřího z Poděbrad

Thesis is divided into two main chapters. First chapter is focused on biography of Jiří z Poděbrad, history of his house, education and diplomatic career, coronation, years on czech throne and ends with death of Jiží z Poděbrad. Second main chapter is focused on his peace...

Andrlová, Eva
Patenty Marie Terezie

Bachelor thesis was concerned with Maria Theresa's reformatory activities and patents publishing.

Slámová, Jana
Právní postavení učitelů 1848 - 1948

This work focuses on the historical development of education reform, school systems and the related legislative provisions in this area during the period 1848 - 1948. Another part is devoted to the legal status of teachers , focusing on physical security , social status and&#x...

Šalda, Robert
Trestně-právní formy politické perzekuce komunistického režimu a její vývoj v letech 1945 až 1955

This bachelor thesis is focused on political repressions in Czechoslovakia in the period of the first ten years after the World War II. The introduction deals with the situation of punishments for crimes and the offence connected to the Nazi occupation and also with the&...

Hamerlík, Jan
Župní zákon z r.1920 a organizační zákon z r.1927 - dualistický rozbor

In my thesis I describe and anlyze the county law of 1920 and the organizational law of 1927 which was to reform the public administration in the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic. Main goal of these reforms was the unification of the administrative systém. Focus on&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 35 of 35