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Tomanová, Petra
Větný rámec - die Satzklammer

The bachelor thesis deals with the framework of sentence parts in German and is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes: sentence framework and the related sentence types, structure and syntax of a sentence frame field. The practical part is foc...

Nováková, Aneta
Germanismy v díle Václava Čtvrtka

Bachelor's thesis deals with loanwords from German language and is split into two main parts. Theoretical part concerns with explanation of loanwords usage in Czech and German language and adaptation of loanwords in both languages, further it concerns with germanisms, their classificatio...

Krouparová, Jitka
Jazyková a kulturní práce německých zprostředkovatelů kultury v České republice

This work describes czech german environment from cultural and lingual perspective. It is chronologically introduced. First it describes the mutual history from 1848 up to now, and then it introduces the cultural conveyers of our time. The second dividing is also chronological &#x...

Benešová, Ivana
Modalverben kontrastiv

This thesis deals with modal verbs in German language and with comparison of the possibilities of their translation into the Czech. Thesis is devidid into two parts, theoretical and practical. The first part contains definitions of modal verbs and their comparison. The third part&#...

Němečková, Klára
Funktionsverbgefüge in der Presse

This thesis deals with light verbs in the press. Thesis is devidid into two parts. The first part is about generall informations of light verbs. The second parts deals with light verbs in concrete magazin, where the light verbs are compared with czech translate.

Burda, Radek
Deutsch-tschechische Beziehungen: Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit im Kultur- und Bildungsbereich

This Bachelor Thesis deals with the development of Czech-German relationships and the subsequent research of contemporary organisations which provide cultural and educational cooperation between these two countries. The thesis is divided into two chapters, out of which the first one provide...

Thomas, Šárka
Komediální videa německého komika Kaya Yanar ve vyučování němčiny jako cizího jazyka; Možnosti využití pro jazykovou úroveň B1/B2

This work deals with the use of comedy videos of German comedian Kaya Yanar in teaching German as a foreign language. The first chapter describes the development of speech and the role of the image in this process, the development of teaching methods, the use of...

Polívková, Barbora
Pozice grafému Eszett (ostré s) v systému německé ortografie.

At the end of the 20th century - almost after hundred years - was changed in the German-speaking countries the standard orthography validity for schools and offices. 1. 8. 1998 was this form officially confirmed by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Till 31. 7. 2005 all us...

Kostilníková, Iveta
J. W. Goethe a Mariánské Lázně

The bachelor thesis named "J. W. Goethe and Marianske Lazne" is devoted to J. W. Goethe and his relationship to the spa town Marianske Lazne. The aim is to analyze activities of J. W. Goethe in connection with Marianske Lazne. The bachelor thesis is divided into...

Kunešová, Barbora
Deminutiva v německých a českých frazeologismech

This thesis deals with diminutives in Czech and German phraseology. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part provides the description of diminutives, their function and word formation of diminutives in both languages. Next part focuses on phraseol...

Prskavcová, Zdeňka
Fenomén "Falsche Freunde" pohledem kontrastivní frazeologie

This bachelor's thesis deals with a phenomenon "false friends", particularly between Czech and German language. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is concerned with a definition of a term "false friends" and with disciplines whi...

Klapilová, Lenka
Postava učitele ve filmu Bílá stuha od Michaela Hanekeho

This thesis deals with the character of the teacher in the movie "The White Ribbon", which is made by the Austrian director Michael Haneke. The first part is devoted to an introduction of the world-wide known director Michael Haneke, who has been several times awarde...

Habadová, Marie
Odsun a nové osídlení Dešenic po druhé světové válce

At the beginning of the thesis, attention is paid to the village as such itself, life within it, and its brief history. Initially, the text deals with the information regarding the current life, geographic information of the village, and the social life of its inhabitants....

Škrletová, Veronika
Německý vlastivědný časopis Unsere Westböhmische Heimat a jeho předchůdci

We are introduced about periodical Unsere Westböhmische Heimat at the beginning and about its predecessor of periodical Der Pilsner Kreis. The second part of work is a description of the periodical Unsere Westböhmische Heimat.Contens of articles are in catalog-form.The next part of this...

Kotlanová, Zuzana
Některé aspekty pedagogického přístupu Friedricha Fröbla

This thesis entitled "Some aspects of the pedagogical approach of Friedrich Fröbla" explains Friedrich Fröbla and its link current pedagogy. The work is divided into theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is closer portrayed his life, childhood and adolescence. It is descr...

Kračmerová, Halka
Funktion der Partikeln im Deutschen

This thesis "Function of the particle in German" consists of practical, theoretical part and attachments. In the theoretical part describes the different views of linguists to particles such Helbig and Busch, Duden Grammatik and Hentschel and Weydt. The practical part is compiled&#...

Poppová, Mathilda
Biblická frazeologie v němčině a češtině

This thesis examines Biblical phrases and idioms from the viewpoint of their origin, and introduces their equivalents in both Czech and German language. The work is divided in two parts. Theoretical part deals with introduction of phraseology as a linguistic discipline, explanation of&#...

Gerátová, Klára
Germanismy v češtině

This bachelor thesis concerns Czech loanwords adopted from German. In consists of five chapters four of which are focused on theory as opposed to the last one which is practical. In this thesis is presented the manner in which the loanwords can be implemented in German&#x...

Kučera, Vít
Kurzwörter in der deutschen Presse

This bachelors thesis deals with an acronyms and their formatiion in German language. The bachelors thesis is given to types of acronyms, their frequency and a word formation. In the first part bachelors thesis isnt define only acronyms, but grammar, orthography, their division and...

Šlajsová, Martina
Problémy při psaní ve školní praxi

In the beginning of the theoretical part is described how children learn to write and what methods are used to it. There is also characterized in detail Comenia Script new font, which should enable children to practice writing and easier to eliminate the biggest problem i...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 81 to 100 of 157